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Khushboo Priya

Khushboo Priya is an experienced Legal content writer with a prodigious proof-reading and research & development skill.

Why Do You Need a Business Plan?

A Business Plan refers to a written guide or description of goals of the businesses. Generally, it is used by investment-seeking entrepreneurs to communicate their vision to potential investors. It provides you an insight on how you can manage your business and can make it a success. In a nutshell, it’s a description of your […]

Nidhi Company Compliances in India

Compliances of Nidhi Company are regulated as per the provisions of Nidhi Companies Rules, 2014. Typically, a Nidhi company belongs to the non-banking financial sector with the principal objective of borrowing and lending money among its members. Such Companies are incorporated with the object of inculcating the habit of thrift and reserve funds amongst its […]

What is Bill of Supply under GST ?

A bill of supply is issued by the business registered under GST. Such businesses are required to issue a tax invoice in their day-to-day business. However, there are certain instances wherein the Bill of supply is issued, although GST is not applicable to that transaction. It is also issued in cases where the Tax is […]

What is GST Registration Cancellation Process?

GST registration cancellation process is required in the cases when you’ are winding up your business due to any reason or you have received a notice from the tax officer regarding GST cancellation or in the cases described later in this blog. While searching for simple GST registration cancellation procedure, you will get myriads of […]

FSSAI Packaging and Labelling Regulations

The food product that you purchase every day has several specific labeling on its packaging. To understand the significance of those labeling, it’s imperative to understand FSSAI packaging and labeling regulations. Hence, you are required to read this blog thoroughly to ensure you don’t miss any crucial detail regarding food packaging and labelling . But before […]

Want to Remove a Director – What is the process?

The process of removing a director from the company could be done in three different ways. If the director of the company isn’t active or has not attended any of the board meetings in the past twelve months even after several notices has been sent, then the company can perform removal of director even before […]

WhistleBlower Policy in India – Ground Reporting

Let’s begin with a small survey with all of you enthusiasts. Suppose that there are two companies A and B. The company A has a policy where anybody can directly approach to the senior or head of the company be it the director, CEO or whoever for any complaint against fraud, unethical activities, malpractices, etc. […]

Types of NGO Registration and its benefits

If you’re going to start an NGO, then you must first obtain NGO registration. Furthermore, you should be aware of the various NGO registration types and their benefits so that you can be more specific about your needs and resource availability for starting an NGO. Hence, in this blog, we have discussed the various types […]

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