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NBFC’s New Governance, Exposure Code: RBI to announce the changes soon

As per the recent reports of Business Standard, the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) is soon going to draw up a new law or regulation for Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs). NBFC’s new governance envisions the following modifications: Limits on the NBFC licensing; Curbs on the businesses of Bank-Led units; Parity/Equality in the CEO remuneration package […]

Procedure for Getting A Online IEC Code License

Nowadays, everybody wishes to expand the business globally and generate as much revenue as possible. Undoubtedly, the business world has become quite competitive and hence, the idea of starting the business is quite impressive. But one must ensure that the person holds the required IEC Code, before actually going global. One can easily get IEC […]

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Know About GST Registration process step by step

In order to gather knowledge on GST registration process step by step, we suggest you to read the entire article thoroughly so that you don’t miss any vital part essential for the process. On 1st July 2017, India got a historic reform in the tax system with the introduction of GST. The law came into […]

How to start a Catering Business in India through Swarit Advisors

India is a nation where more than 75% of the market is infused with food fanatics. Hence, if you’re considering to engage yourself in the catering business in 2019 in India, then you earn all praises. The scope of starting a catering business is quite high in the country which we will justify later in […]

Process of Alternative Investment Fund Registration in India

Every investor who is desirous of investing funds in India must understand the concept of the Alternative Investment Fund firstly.  The idea of the Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) is becoming quite popular and is advantageous to the public at large. Moreover, Alternative Investment Fund registration helps in providing better returns to the investors. It is […]

Updates Regarding The New Functionalities on GST Portal

Recently, GST portal has updated itself, and therefore, we are again here with a new update.  In this piece of article, we will acquaint you with the updates on new functionalities on GST portal. The primary objective of making changes on the GST portal and introducing new functions is to make the website user-friendly. Furthermore, […]

Latest update: Annual Compliance of Private Limited Company 2019

Private limited companies are one of the most common forms of business structure in India. Because of its simple registration process and several advantages, entrepreneurs and start-ups are more inclined to it. But these companies should never forget to comply with the annual compliance or filing annual returns within the prescribed time. Any delay or […]

33rd GST council meeting updates: GST on under-construction and affordable housing slashed to 5% and 1%

In the 33rd GST council meeting, the Union Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley said-“The GST rates on Under-Construction housing would be 5% without ITC. We have accepted this recommendation of the GOM. At the same time, the GOM recommended that the GST on Affordable Housing should be 3%. However, if we want to encourage the Affordable […]

GST Council Meeting – Real Estate to Get Relief on GST

Finally, the real estate sectors are expected to get a sigh of relief on the GST rates. A meeting, regarding the rationalization of GST rates on real estates, which was expected to be held on Wednesday has been postponed to tomorrow .i.e. on 24th February 2019. The GST (Goods and Services Tax) Council may announce […]

E-Form INC-22A: Registered Office Inspection

Recently, on 21st February 2019, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs issued a notification regarding specific amendments to the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014. The MCA introduced new form, namely e-Form INC-22A. According to the notification, every company incorporated or registered before or on 31st December 2017 shall file the particulars before 25th April 2019 mandatorily. To […]

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