How can I Apply for Private Limited Registration in India?

Private Limited Registration
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| Updated: Jun 16, 2018 | Category: Private Limited Company

A private limited company in India is one of the most prevalent also the popular kind of legal corporate entity. The private limited company registration is done and governed by the ministry of corporate affairs which comes under the companies act, 2013 and also the incorporation of the company’s rules, 2014. For a private limited registration, you will at least require two shareholders. That’s the minimum number of shareholders you must have in order to register your private limited company. An individual could be both things, a shareholder, as well as the director whereas a legal entity, is supposed to be only a shareholder.

What is Private Limited Company Registration by non-resident Indians?

Any of the foreign nationals, foreign corporations or any NRI are also allowed to be the directors or their shareholders. This direct investment from foreign investors makes the company a preferred choice of entity for the promoters of the foreigners.

What are the benefits of Private Limited Company Registration?

The unique features of private limited company registration are like the limited liability partnership like protection for the shareholders of the company. The protection to the shareholders via their ability to raise equity funds, a separate legal entity status and its perpetual existence would make it the most recommended kind of business entity for many of the small to medium-sized businesses owned by the families or perhaps managed professionally.

How to easily get Private Limited Company Registration?

When you choose to get professional help for online company registration in India, the most likely what they’ll provide is the following:-

  • You shall be provided with 2 DSC.
  • The DIN for two directors
  • Reservation name
  • An incorporation certificate for your private limited company.
  • 5 copies of the AOA and MOA
  • The share certificate.
  • TAN, PAN card

The Documents you Require for Private Limited Company Registration:

  • A DSC or a digital signature that you need to obtain with the help of registered agencies.
  • Your identity proof, a copy of your PAN card that is self-attested.
  • Your residential address proof through your Aadhaar card or the driving license, a copy of your passport, voter identity card etc.
  • Passport sized photos,

The Legal Requirements to set up the Private Limited Company

  • A minimum number of 2 shareholders, and the directors of the private limited company can also be a shareholder.
  • The maximum number of shareholders can be 200.
  • The copies of the PAN card of the directors or the shareholders of the company and additional passport copy would be required for foreign nationals.
  • The DIN and DSC of all the directors.
  • The address proof of the registered office of the private limited company that is in question for its registration along with the NOC of the supposed owner.

If in case, you are finding it difficult to understand the complete procedure for registering your company then let us know by contacting specialists. We have experience in handling the issues and queries of our customers who are applying for legal online services. But our expert consultation is popular among our clients and they always reach us whenever they require. So, what are you waiting for get your private limited company registration done online easily with quick and smartest way.


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