No Food Business without FSSAI License

Food Business without FSSAI License
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FSSAI license is popularly known as Food License or Food registration. A person engaged in the food business in whatsoever format say as manufacturers, producer, importer, exporter, procurement, storage, distribution, sale and it is regulated by the FSSAI act 2006. All such Food business without FSSAI license operators is required to obey and adhere to the rules and regulations pursuant to the FSSAI Act 2006.

The Act is also known as the single capsule of acts and orders which are issued with regard to Food-related issues by various Departments. This Food registration and adherence to FSSAI License ensures that only good edible and non-adulterated food reaches the customer.

A Food License is granted in the form of 14 digit number, which is required to be displayed on the food product you are indulged in. The Ministry of Health and family welfare regulates and receives all the reporting with regard to FSSAI License and maintain the standard of food quality. The FSSAI License is granted only after conducting the due inspection, quality checks, and is conducted according to the prescribed procedure. The only intent behind why such food operates are required to under such checks is to avoid any instances of adulteration, substandard products and also improve accountability of manufacturers.

Under FSSAI License granting procedure adherence to the Standards and guidelines for enforcing the various standards for food is a must condition, the procedure for the accreditation of certification bodies engaged in food regulation is also stipulated. It promotes, provides necessary training as and when required. The procedure also involves the checks under various laboratory established for food check. It is also engaged in providing the scientific and technical support the government while framing the policies. The FSSAI authority also engaged in the advertisement. It also receives the relevant data and warning from the various risks related department and tries to corroborate it with its rules and regulations.

FSSAI License/Registration Types:

Sr. No.Turnover (In Rs)Registration / License
1.Below 12 LacsBasic registration
2.Between 12 Lacs to 20 CroreState License
3.Above 20 croresCentral License

This FSSAI Registration is also required to be obtained in cases wherein the supply is done at the government offices or import/export of food products.

Documents required for FSSAI License:


  1. Scanned Photographs
  2. Aadhaar card of the Business owner or such owner of the business.
  3. Signature (in the scan)
  4. Business activity details.
  5. Declaration about the Business place.

In case of STATE License

  1. Company GST Number
  2. Detail about the business activity & List of food products.
  3. An authority letter in favour of the consultant.
  4. Declaration Form.
  5. Aadhaar card of the Business owner.
  6. Signature (in the scan)
  7. A scan of Photographs.
  8. MOA/AOA / Partnership deed (As the case may be ).
  9. In the Transporter case RC of vehicles along with a declaration.
  10. Electricity bills of business / Factory / Warehouse
  11. NOC from Brand owner in case you are doing re-packaging business.
  12. Rent agreement and NOC from the Property owner (if rented place).

However, in the case of the Manufacturers following additional documents are required:

  1. List of Food products proposed to be manufactured.
  2. Water Ground report
  3. Product Testing report s
  4. Factory blueprint.
  5. List of Machine along with photographs

For STATE License- Apart from the above following Additional documents apart from above

  • The audited balance sheet is also required.
  • IEC Code in case FSSAI license is for Export / Import.

Procedure to apply for the Food License:

Generate a unique user Id and password, login and select for apply for Food license.

Fill in the form along with the requisite documents (Form B goes as an attachment).

Take print of filled application form and send the application to the Regional Authority/State Authority within 15 days from the date of online.

The reply of the queries raises if any shall be required to be replied within the 15 days of such receipt. If all goes well, the Food license will be granted to you.

Note do not forget to display FSSAI logo and license number along with the name and address of the importer on a sticker and is also required to affixes before customs clearance.

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