Transport, Storage & Travel Arrangements under Trademark Class 39

Trademark Class 39
Shivani Jain
| Updated: Dec 02, 2020 | Category: Trademark

“Trademark Class 39” signifies a Class of Trademark Classification that mainly deals with the services, such as Transportation, Storage, Packaging, and Travel Arrangements, etc.

However, the services that relate to the Maintenance, Repair of Vehicles, Travelers’ Cheque, Hotel Room Reservation, etc., are not included under the domain of Trademark Class 39. 

In this blog, we will discuss the idea of Trademark Class 39, along with the List of Services known as Transportation, Storage, Packaging, and Travel Arrangements Services under this Trademark Class.

Services Covered under Trademark Class 39

The services covered under Trademark Class 39 are as follows:

  1. Services offered by companies using stations, rail-roads, bridges, rail-road, ferries, etc., used by transporter;
  2. Services offered with respect to the hiring of transport vehicles;
  3. Services relating to uploading, maritime tugs, the functioning of ports & docks, and the salvaging of the wrecked ships and their cargos;
  4. Services related to the packaging and parcelling of goods prior to their dispatch;
  5. Services providing information and details regarding journeys or the transportation of goods by tourist agencies and brokers,
  6. Services providing relating to tariffs, timetables & methods of transport;
  7. Services relating to the inspection of vehicles and goods before transport;

Services Not Covered under Trademark Class 39

The services that not covered under the Trademark Class 39 are as follows:

  1. Services concerning advertising of transport and undertaking, such as advertisement on the radio, distribution of prospectus, etc.;
  2. Services concerning the issuance of traveller’s cheque/letters of credit by brokers /or  travel agents;
  3. Services concerning insurances, whether commercial, life, or fire, during the movement of goods and persons;
  4. Services concerning repair and maintenance of vehicles;
  5. Services concerning reservation of hotel rooms by travel agents or brokers;

Coordinated Classes for Trademark Class 39

Trademark Class 39 Coordinated Classes

The term “coordinated classes” means a situation in which a particular good or service falls under the ambit of more than one trademark class. Further, in such a case, the applicant requires to file an application in each of such classifications or classes.  Also, the other name for Coordinated Classes is Related Classes.

The CoordinatedClasses for Trademark Class 39 are as follows:

  1. Legal & security services under the Trademark Class 45;
  2. Medical & Veterinary Services under the Trademark Class 44;
  3. Food concerning Services under the Trademark Class 43;
  4. Science & Technology Services under the Trademark Class 42;
  5. Education & Entertainment Services under the Trademark Class 41;
  6. Material Treatment Services under the Trademark Class 40;
  7. Telecommunications Services under the Trademark Class 38;
  8. Construction  Repair services under the Trademark Class 37;
  9. Insurance & Finance services under the Trademark Class 36;
  10. Advertising & Business Services under the Trademark Class 35;

Complete List of Services Covered under the Trademark Class 39

Air transport services Freight brokerage services Shipbrokerageservices
Aircraft rental services Freightingservices Sightseeing [tourism]services
Rental of aircraft engines services Garage rental services Stevedoring services
Ambulance transport services Gift wrapping services Storage of goods services
Armoured car transport services Guarded transport of valuables services Storage/warehousing services
Barge transport services; Hauling services; Storage information services;
Boat rental services Horse rental services Rental of storage containers services
Boat transport services Ice-breaking services Taxi transport services
Boat storage services Launching of satellites for other services Towing services
Booking of seats for travel services Lighterage services Traffic information services
Bottling services; Marine transport services; Tram transport/streetcar transport services;
Bus transport services; Message delivery services; Transport by pipeline services;
Car rental services; Rental of motor racing cars services; Transport services;
Car transport services; Motorcoach rental services; Transport of travellers services;
Car parking services; Rental of navigational systems services’ Transport and storage of waste services
Carting services Operating canal locks services Transport brokerage services
Chauffeur services Packaging of goods services Transport reservation services
courier services [messages or merchandise]; Parcel delivery services Transportation information services
Arranging of cruises services Parking place rental services transportation logistics services
Delivery of goods services Passenger transport services Transporting furniture services
Delivery of newspapers/newspaper delivery services Physical storage of electronically-stored data or documents services Arranging of travel tours services
Delivery of goods by mail order services Piloting services Travel reservation services
Distribution of energy services Pleasure boat transport services Underwater salvage services
Rental of diving bells services Porterage services Unloading cargo services
Rental of diving suits services railway transport services Vehicle breakdown assistance [towing] services
Providing driving directions for travel purposes services Railway coach rental services Vehicle rental services
Electricity distribution services Railway truck rental services Rental of vehicle roof racks services
Escorting of travellers services Refloating of ships services Rental of warehouses services
Ferry-boat transport services Refrigerator rental / frozen-food locker rental services Water supplying services
Flower delivery services Removal services Water distribution services
Franking of mail services Rescue operations [transport] services Rental of wheelchairs services
Rental of freezers services River transport services Wrapping of goods services
Freight [shipping of goods] services Salvage of ships services Ship brokerage services
Freight forwarding services Salvaging services Sightseeing [tourism]services


In a nutshell, it is pertinent to state that choosing a correct trademark class plays an essential role in acquiring the trademark registration process online is hassle-free and smooth. However, the same is a complex, intricate, and back-breaking task as well.

Also, the process of TM Search or Trademark Public Search needs a lot of prior knowledge, skills, and experience concerning the different classes of Trademark Classes.

In case of any other doubt or dilemma, reach out to Swarit Advisors, our experienced professionals will guide you with the process of TM Search and Trademark Registration.

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