Education and Entertainment Activities under Trademark Class 41

Trademark Class 41
Shivani Jain
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“Trademark Class 41” signifies a Class of Trademark Classes that mainly deals with all the services of nature, such as Education, Entertainment, Training, Sporting, and Cultural Activities.

In this blog, we will discuss the idea of Trademark Class 40, together with the List of Services covered under this Trademark Classification.

ServicesCovered under Trademark Class 41

The services covered under Trademark Class 41 are as follows:

  1. Services comprising of all the forms of education and training of persons and animals;
  2. Services that have the basic aim to entertain and delight people;
  3. Exhibition of the works of visual art or literature to the general public for the cultural or educational purposes;

Coordinated Classes for Trademark Class 41

Trademark Class 41 Coordinated Classes

The term “coordinated classes” or “Related Classes” signifies a situation wherein a particular service or product falls under the domain of more than one trademark class. Moreover, in such a case, the applicant will require to file an application for Online Trademark Registration in each of such trademark classifications or classes. 

The RelatedClasses for Trademark Class 41 are as follows:

  1. Trademark Class 45: Legal and security services;
  2. Trademark Class 44: Medical and Veterinary Services;
  3. Trademark Class 43: Food concerning Services;
  4. Trademark Class 42: Science and Technology Services;
  5. Trademark Class 40: Chemical Treatment of Material Services;
  6. Trademark Class 39: Shipping and Travel Services;
  7. Trademark Class 38: Telecommunications Services;
  8. Trademark Class 37: Construction and Repair Services;
  9. Trademark Class 36: Insurance and Finance Services;
  10. Trademark Class 35: Advertising and Business Services;

Complete List of Services Covered under the Trademark Class 41

Academies [education] services

Layout services, other than for advertising purposesservices

Providing recreation facilitiesservices

Amusement parksservices

Lending librariesservices

Recreation informationservices

Providing amusement arcade services

Rental of lighting apparatus for theatrical sets or television studiosservices

Religious educationservices

Animal trainingservices

Providing on-line electronic publications, not downloadableservices

Services of schools [education]

Rental of audio equipmentservices

Providing on-line music, not downloadableservices

Scriptwriting services

Arranging of beauty contestsservices

Providing on-line videos, not downloadableservices

Arranging and conducting of seminarsservices

Boarding schoolsservices


Rental of show sceneryservices

Booking of seats for showsservices

Mobile library services / bookmobile services

Production of showsservices

Calligraphy services

Modelling for artistsservices

Sign language interpretationservices

Providing casino facilities [gambling]services

Rental of movie projectors and accessoriesservices

Rental of skin diving equipmentservices

Rental of cine-films/rental of motion picturesservices

Movie studiosservices

Rental of sound recordingsservices

Cinema presentations / movie theatre presentationsservices

Providing museum facilities [presentation, exhibitions]services

Sport camp services


Music composition services

Providing sports facilitiesservices

Club services [entertainment or education]

Production of musicservices

Rental of sports equipment, except vehiclesservices

Coaching [training]services


Rental of sports groundsservices

Arranging and conducting of colloquiumsservices

News reporters services

Rental of stadium facilitiesservices

Arranging and conducting of concertsservices

Night clubsservices

Rental of stage sceneryservices

Arranging and conducting of conferencesservices

Nursery schoolsservices


Arranging and conducting of congressesservices

Operating lotteriesservices

Arranging and conducting of symposiumsservices

Correspondence coursesservices

Orchestra services

Teaching/educational services / instruction services

Disc jockey services

Organization of competitions [education or entertainment]services

Television entertainmentservices

Discotheque services

Organization of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposesservices

Rental of tennis courtsservices


Organization of sports competitionsservices

Theatre productionsservices

Education informationservices

Organization of ballsservices

Ticket agency services [entertainment]

Educational examinationservices

Organization of shows [impresario services]services

Timing of sports eventsservices

Electronic desktop publishingservices

Organization of fashion shows for entertainment purposesservices

Toy rentalservices

Entertainer services

Party planning [entertainment]services



Personal trainer services [fitness training]


Entertainment informationservices

Photographic reportingservices

Rental of video cassette recordersservices

Film production, other than advertising filmsservices


Rental of video cameras/rental of camcordersservices

Conducting fitness classesservices

Physical educationservices

Videotape editingservices


Practical training [demonstration]services

Rental of videotapesservices

Game services provided on-line from a computer networkservices

Presentation of live performancesservices


Games equipment rentalservices

Publication of texts, other than publicity textsservices

Vocational guidance [education or training advice]services

Providing golf facilitiesservices

Publication of booksservices

Vocational retrainingservices

Gymnastic instructionservices

Publication of electronic books and journals on-lineservices

Arranging and conducting of workshops [training]services

Health club services [health and fitness training]services

Radio entertainmentservices

Writing of texts, other than publicity textsservices

Holiday camp services [entertainment]services

Rental of radio and television setsservices

Zoological garden services

Providing karaoke services

Production of radio and television programmesservices

Recording studio services

Language interpreter services



In a nutshell, we can say that choosing the right class of Trademark is necessary for obtaining trademark registration in a smooth and hassle free manner. However, the same is a complex and intricate task as well.

Also, the procedure for Trademark Search or Public Search requires a lot of previous knowledge, skills, and understanding pertaining to the different classes of Trademark Classes.

In case of any other doubt or query, reach out to Swaritadvisors, our skilled professionals will assist you with the process and documentation of TM Search and Trademark Registration.

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