What Importance does FSSAI hold and how to go about its Registration?

Importance of FSSAI
Divyanshu Gupta
| Updated: Mar 23, 2020 | Category: FSSAI

Are you fond of eating food or want to start a food-related business? Have you ever wondered who regulates Food Industry? If these types of questions puzzle you and you are keen to know the answers of such kind of problems, then you have accessed the right document. This document will make you aware about what Importance of FSSAI holds and how to go about its Registration besides other gimmicks.

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India regulates the Food industry, which ensures the hygiene of food. Apart from this, it provides safety standards for food too. Ensuring quality food and safety of food is always its priority and is the reason for its formation. It is a License given to various types of eating outlets which is necessary to obtain so that legal hindrances do not come in between running the food business successfully. State Authority issues it.

Importance of FSSAI License in India

By now you must have got a fair idea what is Food Safety and Standards Authority of India License is all about? If you are still in a dilemma that whether you should go for this License or not, go through the importance of this License mentioned below-

FSSAI License assures food quality at the eating outlets. The modern customer has become aware and conscious than ever before. Owing to this, most customers want to try their hands on quality food apart from safe consumption. As a result when customer glance menu as well as a pamphlet or any promotional material of the eating outlet and finds Food Safety and Standards Authority of India logo, he can rest assured of the credibility of the eating outlet. The confidence in brand embeds in the mindset of the consumer, and it results in a win-win situation for a long time for both customer and an eating outlet. It not only streamlines the business operations of the eating outlet but also aids at the time of business expansion. The specifications are laid out by the body, which if adhered by the eating outlet will be able to obtain this Certification. The specifications mostly pertain to safe design, a space to run operations and so on.   

How to Avail FSSAI License Registration

Like any other Registration, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India Registration also involves few steps of Registration which are mentioned below-

  1. Visit FSSAI’s website. The first step is the one where the applicant needs to check his eligibility. This step is inevitable as it determines whether you need State or Central License. The address of each location needs to be entered separately. The eligibility for each location is assessed separately.
  2. State License is suited to an eating outlet whose turnover is till INR 20 crores and fssai Central License is suitable for an eating outlet whose turnover exceeds INR 20 crore.
  3. When you are sure about an eligible License, click Sign up which is required to be filled subsequently. A valid Email ID, contact number and the contact details are the basic requirements of the Form.
  4. For Registration, a unique username and password is required too. Sign up process can complete only when you click Register.
  5. An applicant will get the confirmation of Sign up success through SMS/Email, and this step will hold once an account is activated. To avoid disabling of user ID which does after 30 days, applying online within 30 days becomes critical.
  6.  Application Form for FSSAI Registration is required to be filled online by going to Regulator’s website[1] along with the supporting documents else it will be incomplete.
  7. The Form’s print out is required, and a point that is worth remembering here is that it should be preceded by clicking Submit.
  8. Once everything is done, the screen depicts Reference number which is necessary as with it the status of Application can be tracked.
  9. Approach Regional Authority/State Authority to submit the online Application Form within 15 days.

Types of FSSAI License in India and Registration Fee

The graph given below lists various types of this License in India. It also depicts Registration Fee corresponding to types of FSSAI License which helps to provide comprehensive knowledge related to FSSAI Registration.

Types of FSSAI License in India

How Needs FSSAI License in India

By now, you must be wondering whether you should go for this License or not? Have a look at the list mentioned below which gives a clear picture that which parties require Food Safety and Standards Authority of India License-

  • Food canteens
  • Food shop
  • Any person dealing with food like manufacturer/ food packer/ processor/ person engaged in food importer/ food storage/ food distributor/ food transporter etc.
  • If food is manufactured/sold/stored for sale in India
  • Food stall
  • Restaurant
  • Hotels
  • Airline meal catering services

Documents required for FSSAI License

Submit the documents mentioned below to obtain FSSAI License-

  • Applicant’s photographs
  • Aadhaar card of business owners
  • Scanned signature of the applicant
  • Details of business activity
  • Declaration for business place

The documents mentioned above are applicable in case one intends to apply for Basic Registration whereas if one wants to apply for State Food Safety and Standards Authority of India License then an applicant is required to submit the documents mentioned below-

  • Company’s GST Number
  • Activity details of the business
  • List of food products
  • Authorization Letter favouring consultant
  • Declaration
  • Business owner’s Aadhaar card
  • Scanned copy of business owner’s signature
  • Photograph of an applicant
  • Partnership Deed or AOA or MOA (as the case may be)
  • Vehicle RC (in case of Transportation business)
  • Bills of electricity
  • Brand owner’s NOC (Repackaging business)
  • Rent Deed
  • Property owner’s NOC (if rented)


In a nutshell, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India regulate Food Industry. Additionally, it ensures safety standards for food besides ensuring quality food and safety of food which is its priority too and this License becomes crucial for an eating outlet so that legal hindrances do not hinder running the food business successfully.

If you want to apply for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India License or have any concern related to this License, get in touch with Swarit Advisors, your trusted Legal and Financial Consultant.


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