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What is FSSAI Central License?

FSSAI stands for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. It is a self-governing body established under Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. The body is responsible to issue FSSAI License to the Food Business Operators (FBO).

FSSAI Central License is essential for those FBO whose annual turnover is above Rs. 20 crores. Besides, those FBO who are engaged in the import and export of food products are also required to obtain FSSAI Central License irrespective of business turnover.

FSSAI License has a 14-digit Registration or License Number, generally printed on the packages of the food products.

Who should obtain FSSAI Central License?

All the Food Business Operators (FBOs) falling in the following categories are supposed to get a Central License to start their food business:

  • Food distributors, manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, caterers etc. whose total annual turnover exceeds Rs. 20 crores.
  • Cold storage capacity of more than 50,000 Metric Tons (MT).
  • All the Restaurants, Dhabas, Boarding houses serving food, Banquet halls, Home-based canteens, Temporary or Permanent food stalls with turnover exceeding Rs. 20 crores.
  • Food transporters who possess up to 100 vehicles or an annual turnover is more than Rs. 30 crores.
  • All dairy divisions consisting of Milk chilling units facilitated to manage or process more than 50,000 LPD of Milk or above 2500 Metric Tons of milk sold per annum.
  • Meat processing divisions which have a capacity of more than 500 kg of Meat processing every day or 150 MT per annum.
  • Slaughtering divisions holding a capacity of more than 150 small animals or 50 large animals or more than 1000 poultry birds each day.
  • All food processing divisions along with re-packers and re-labelers producing more than 100 kg per day.

Documents required to obtain FSSAI Central License

The documents required for FSSAI Central License is same as that of the State License, except for some additional documents mentioned below:

  • Photo identity proof;
  • Address proof of the Food Business Operators;
  • Form-B completely filled and duly signed;
  • Rent Agreement of the premise;
  • NOC (No-Objection Certificate) from the landlord in case the office is rented;
  • Details of food category to be manufactured, if you are a manufacturer;
  • Copy of Certificate obtained under the Coop Act, 1861.
  • Certificate of Company Incorporation;
  • Layout or blueprint of the processing unit representing the dimensions as well as area allocation depending on the operations (applicable for manufacturers and processing units only);
  • NOC and copy of the Manufacturer License (for re labelers and re packers only);
  • NOC from the Municipal Corporation or local body;
  • Copy of Certificate from Ministry of Tourism (HRACC) (mandatory for Hotels);
  • Sources of Meat and Milk (if applicable)
  • Form IX;
  • Others

Additional documents for Central License

  • Declaration Form;
  • NOC/PA document issued by FSSAI;
  • Supporting documents as a proof for business turnover;
  • Certificate obtained from Ministry of Commerce;
  • IE CODE document issued by DGFT (for exporters and importers).

Procedure to obtain FSSAI Central License

The procedure to obtain FSSAI Central License is exactly the same as that of State License. Steps for the same are enlisted below:

  • Step 1: Filing of Form B

You need to file an Application in Form B to FSSAI department.

  • Step 2: Submit the Form with a self-declaration and an Affidavit

The Application for the License must contain the Annexure attached with an Affidavit and a self-declaration. When you have prepared all the documents, you can submit it to FSSAI department.

  • Step 3: Issuance of License

If the Authority is satisfied with the documents and the Application, it will issue FSSAI Central License to the FBO. License is issued for 1 to 5 years and depends on the need of the FBO.

Further, the Application fee for License depends on the time period for which the FBO has opted.

  • Step 4: Renew License before it expires

You need to renew License before it expires.

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