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Rules Regarding Maximum Shareholding in a Private Company

The Companies Act 2013 of Indian constitution comes with the definition of private limited company. It says that private companies are companies which are restricted in regard of transferability of its shares. Basically, the law prevents large share subscription from public for such companies. This is actually the major difference between public companies and private […]

Invoicing for GST in India – Invoice Format, Bill of Supply, Time limits

Before we proceed with Invoicing of GST, it’s highly crucial to understand a few terms such as invoice, types of GST invoice, bill of supply, etc. So, let’s first start with the definition of the Invoice. What is Invoice? The term invoice can be termed as a commercial document which is issued by the seller or […]

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Why is BIS Certification for Mail Processing Machines required?

Nowadays, the first and most important things people look for in any product are its authenticities and high quality. Rest of the criteria are secondary. Hence, to ensure the product holds a certain standard and has impeccable quality, BIS certification is a must-have thing. Therefore, if you deal in Mail Processing Machines or Postage Machines […]

Tax Slab Rate & Deductions Applicable For Individuals for FY 2019 – 2020

The central authorities of all countries follow a certain tax structure that helps the government to collect revenue. Therefore, every country has a unique Tax Slab Rate. Moreover, people, from all walks of life, fall under the tax structure whether earning NIL or in lakhs or more than that. If you are associated with a […]

Enhanced Operational Flexibilities to Offshore Parent MNC in the Indian Derivative Market

A financial derivative is an agreement between different parties (two or more in number) and its value is calculated or derived from an underlying group of financial assets or a single asset. These underlying assets are instruments like market indexes, interest rates, currencies, bonds, stocks and commodities. A brief history about the evolvement of the […]

How to Obtain BIS Certification for Electronics Clock in India

Every individual who is engaged in the trade of sale or import or export of electronics items in India must have the BIS certification. For example, if you want to launch an electronics clock, then you should mandatorily obtain BIS certification for Electronics Clock. Only then, you will be able to sell the product in […]

Assessment of Partnership Firm under the Income Tax Act

Partnership firm is not a separate legal entity from the person it constitutes of; however, for income tax purpose, it is considered as a separate legal entity.  A partnership firm can be assessed either as Partnership Assessed as Such (PFAS) or Partnership firm Assessed as Association of Person (PFAOP). The registration is not mandatory for […]

The Impact Of New FDI On E-Commerce Retailers And Business

Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP ) on 26th December 2018, introduced a press note proposing to make certain changes in the existing 2017 policy governing foreign direct investment in the e-commerce sector.  On 27th December 2018, the Government made certain amendments in the existing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) policy for online retailers. But […]

The Requirement of ISI Mark Registration

The ISI stands for Indian Standards Institution. The ISI mark signifies the Indian Standards, which are required to be adhered by every manufacturer of tangible products. Unique ISI mark of 7-10 digits is allocated to each product. ISI mark is a certified mark which is used for industrial items sold in India. Through ISI registration, […]

Is Electronic Contract Valid in India?

In India, nowadays there is a rapid growth of technology and the internet. People are using the internet for various purposes including for commercial transactions and for business purposes. However, in order to facilitate the smooth going of business (within India and overseas )and to save the time of involved parties contracts over the internet […]

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