The Requirement of ISI Mark Registration

isi mark registration
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The ISI stands for Indian Standards Institution. The ISI mark signifies the Indian Standards, which are required to be adhered by every manufacturer of tangible products. Unique ISI mark of 7-10 digits is allocated to each product. ISI mark is a certified mark which is used for industrial items sold in India. Through ISI registration, a customer or user gets assurance about the quality and safety of the product.
In this blog, we will brief you about the ISI registration process and its requirement.

What is ISI registration all about?

Bureau of Indian Standards/BIS grants ISI registration to the companies for the products they are selling.
ISI mark registration is mandatory for all the certified products sold in India. However, without ISI registration, certain products like electrical appliances, industrial items cannot be sold in India. ISI registration on various products or goods indicates that products are in conformity with the Indian standard quality [1] . ISI certification maintains a good relationship between the manufacturer and the customer.

The object of ISI Mark Registration 

Bureau of Indian Standard makes it mandatory to obtain ISI registration. The object of such registration is to :

  • Lay down quality standards of goods for usage of consumer.
  • Increase the trust of the customer while buying the good.
  • Provide protection to the health of the customer.

Who can issue ISI Mark Registration Certificate?

Bureau of Indian Standards is the only one fully authorized body to issue ISI certificate.

Product List for ISI Mark Certification

As per rules and regulations of Bureau of Indian Standards,  it is mandatory for certain products to obtain ISI certification. List of those products is given below:

  • Steel products
  • Food Products
  • Cement
  • Electric Iron
  • Electric Stoves
  • Milk powder
  • LPG
  • Glass feeding bottles
  • Plastic feeding bottles
  • Batteries
  • Automobile Accessories
  • Steel Products
  • Capacitors
  • Chemicals and fertilizers
  • Kitchen appliances

Advantages of ISI Mark Certification

ISI registration is beneficial for both the manufacturer and Customer.

For Manufacturer

If any manufacturer obtains ISI certification, then he/she is entitled to avail various advantages such as:

If there is an ISI mark on the product of the manufacturer, it can be assured that the manufacturer followed all the necessary guideline of the certification.

By obtaining ISI certification on its product, a manufacturer is eligible to reduce the losses.

As ISI mark talks about the better quality of the product which means that there is less possibility of rejection of the product.

ISI certification helps to increase the business of the manufacturer.

For Customer

ISI certification helps to provide a better standard quality of product to the customer.

If the product does not fulfill the standard quality, then a customer is legally entitled to take action against the manufacturer of the product.

ISI certification provides safeguard to the health of the customer by providing a better quality of the product.

List of the documents required for ISI Mark registration

Following documents are required for registration of ISI:

  • Registration certificate of the company
  • Receipt of Property tax
  • Insurance policy
  • Rent agreement, if any
  • Telephone bill
  • Electricity bill
  • Bank statement
  • Aadhar card of the directors of the company
  • Voter ID card of the directors of the company
  • Driving License of the directors of the company
  • Copy of test reports
  • List of Manufacturing machinery

Procedure for ISI Mark Registration in India

BIS prescribed 3 types of procedure to obtain ISI registration. Those are:

1) Normal registration Procedure

2) Simplified  registration Procedure

1) Normal registration Procedure

* In Normal Procedure, the applicant has to fill the registration application form.

* The applicant also needs to select the product quality as mentioned in the Bureau of Indian Standard

* It necessary to attach fee and documents along with the application then after that the application will submit in BIS office.

* After submission of application, the authorized officers will visit the factory of the applicant to inspect the manufacturing process.

* The officers also send the sample of products to any BIS approved Laboratories for testing.

* If the product qualifies the testing process then applicant becomes eligible to get the ISI certification.

2) Simplified registration Procedure

This is another type of procedure to get ISI registration. In this procedure, it is mandatory for the applicant to take the product sample to any BIS approved laboratory for testing.

Applicant needs to attach registration application and other documents along with the sample of the product.

If it finds that test reports are satisfactory,  then the BIS will grant ISI certification to the applicant.

Is it mandatory to obtain ISI Mark Registration?

As per the Government of India and Bureau of Indian Standard [2] , it is mandatory to obtain ISI registration on certain products sold in India. Those products include electrical appliances as well as industrial items. However, from September 2012 onwards, the registration is compulsory for certified steel products and steel items.


Now we are in the era of the Industrial Revolution. From the last two decades, there has been continuous growth in the business field. For improvement of business, the supply of high quality good is necessary. ISI mark on products certifies them as of good quality. If a product contains an ISI mark, then anyone can blindly buy that product. ISI registration is mandatory for manufacturers willing to sell their product in Indian Market.


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