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Register a Partnership Firm in Kerala
Shivani Jain
| Updated: Nov 28, 2020 | Category: Partnership Firm

How to Register a Partnership Firm in Kerala?

In India, “Partnership Firm” as a business structure is the second most chosen after Sole Proprietorship. Also, it shall be considerate to note that in comparison to LLP, Partnership Firms...

Partnership Deed in Maharashtra
Shivani Jain
| Updated: Nov 12, 2020 | Category: Partnership Firm

What is the Process to Register a Partnership Deed in Maharashtra

Initially, the process of registering a Partnership Deed in Maharashtra was manual and system-driven in nature. However, with the passage of time, things have changed significantly, and now there is...

Partnership Deed Format
Shivani Jain
| Updated: Jul 27, 2020 | Category: Business, Partnership Firm

Partnership Deed Format: A Guide to Draft Partnership Deed?

A written agreement that forms the basis of a Partnership Firm and defines the roles and duties for every partner is known as a Partnership Deed. Out of all the...

Partnership Firm vs Private Limited Company
Savvy Midha
| Updated: Jan 13, 2020 | Category: Partnership Firm, Private Limited Company

Partnership Firm vs Private Limited – Which One is Better?

When an entrepreneur takes the initial step to enter into the world of trading, it shall start with deciding the ideal legal structure for its registration. One can pick any...

Assessment of Partnership Firm
Swarit Advisors
| Updated: Mar 04, 2019 | Category: Income Tax, Partnership Firm

Assessment of Partnership Firm under the Income Tax Act

Partnership firm is not a separate legal entity from the person it constitutes of; however, for income tax purpose, it is considered as a separate legal entity.  A partnership firm...

Partnership Firm Registration Process
Swarit Advisors
| Updated: Dec 21, 2018 | Category: Partnership Firm

Checklist for Partnership Firm Registration Process

Partnership firm is considered to be one of the most convenient forms of business, which is seen to easier to form as they only require the involvement of people to...

Opt for Partnership Firm
Swarit Advisors
| Updated: Jun 30, 2018 | Category: Partnership Firm

Why Should Anyone Opt for Partnership Firm Registration?

It’s a kind of business structure. A partner firm is a structure that has two or more individuals that manage and operate this business. A partnership firm business is structured in accordance...

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