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Dashmeet Kaur

Dashmeet Kaur is an experienced content writer, having proficiency in writing Legitimate content with comprehensive research. She also has a keen eye to detail and incorporating accurate facts.

The Objectives of Cooperative Society

When people with a mutual social, cultural, and economic interests join together to form an establishment, it is known as Cooperative Society. The fundamental objective of a Cooperative Society is to promote self-help and mutual help. The foundation of Cooperative Societies lies on the voluntarism and follows the philosophy of “All for each and each […]

The Consequences of Taking over an NBFC

NBFCs are financial institutions that are registered under the Companies Act, 2013, and regulated under Section 45-I of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934. Such entities carry the business of loans and advances, acquisition of shares, stock/ bonds/ securities/ debentures issued by Government or local authorities. NBFCs cater to the needs of weaker sections, […]

Funds Transfer Mechanism on Peer to Peer Lending Platforms

Peer to Peer abbreviated as P2P is an online lending platform that enables an individual to avail loans from another individual without the need of any intermediary. P2P platform connects lenders and borrowers by forming a link between the borrowers who want unsecured personal loans and investors who seek to lend their money for earning […]

An Insight of Mergers and Acquisitions in Automobile Industry

The Indian automobile industry is running at the top gear, and it is anticipated to become 3rd largest automotive market worldwide by the year 2026. Presently, the industry manufactures around 25 mn vehicles and exports 3.5 mn vehicles. India sustains a robust position in the international heavy vehicles domain since it is the largest manufacturer […]

Difference between Public Issue and Private Placement

The barter system may have ended a long time back, but in the modern arena, companies have adopted a new method of offering their securities in exchange for cash. Such activities are executed in a primary market that deals with the new issue of securities. In the market, companies raise funding by selling their company’s […]

Checklist for Buyback of Shares under Companies Act 2013: A Comprehensive Guide

Buyback is a corporate technique wherein a company repurchases its outstanding shares from the existing shareholders to extinguish their numbers in the open market. Companies prefer to buy back shares for a variety of reasons, such as to write off the accumulated loss or inflate the value of remaining shares by reducing the supply. Section […]

Roles & Responsibility of Investment Bankers in M&A

M&A is an efficient strategy that helps a business to grow and expand by forming synergies through resource optimization & asset consolidation.  With a rapid increase in competition, companies are more inclined towards globalization and engage in M&A activities. Several companies seek the assistance of investment bankers to streamline the process of Merger and Acquisition. […]

Compliance for Limited Liability Partnership Firm

Setting up a business is not so easy; an aspirant has to invest a sufficient amount of time, effort, money, and determination during the inceptive stage. The struggle starts right from the selection of the business structure to forming and implementing the plan. Entrepreneurs always look for those business structures which provide maximum benefits with […]

How to Change the Company Registered Office Address?

Once an entity completes the registration process for starting a new business, it is required to adhere to rules, regulations and fulfill numerous compliance requirements. One such provision after company registration is to get the company’s address registered with the Registrar of Companies (ROC). However, a condition may incur, wherein there is a need to […]

What is the Procedure for opening a New Manufacturing Company?

The manufacturing sector has played a pivotal role in the growth of the Indian economy. Considering the contribution of manufacturers, Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, launched a new program called “Make in India” on 25th September 2014. The purpose is to foster innovation, facilitate investments, enhance skills, and guard intellectual property to build the best […]

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