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Dashmeet Kaur

Dashmeet Kaur is an experienced content writer, having proficiency in writing Legitimate content with comprehensive research. She also has a keen eye to detail and incorporating accurate facts.

Everything you need to know about Currency Exchange Business Model

In recent times, the Forex industry has flourished at a rapid pace in India. The currency exchange business model is a gateway to profit-making opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. Since the money changers play a vital role to thrive in the Indian economy, RBI has laid some stringent guidelines to monitor their functions. Further, the Reserve […]

How to Change or Replace the Director and Shareholder of Company?

The foundation of a company stands on two pillars, Directors and Shareholders. The role of a Shareholder is to determine and set some company’s goals that need to be accomplished by a Board of Directors. Shareholders take all the major decisions from approving the financial statements to winding up the company. Besides, it does not […]

What is Bonus Share? Procedure to the issue of Bonus Shares

Have you ever wondered what a company does with its accumulated earnings or when its shares price goes up? Often it issues bonus shares to its existing shareholders based on the shares owned by them. Such shares are additional shares that a company provides to its current shareholders without any additional cost. These are the […]

“Coronavirus Outbreak” Covid-19 impact on the Indian Economy

Coronavirus pandemic has turned out to be the most dreadful infectious disease. The numbers of COVID-19 cases are increasing at a rapid pace, with over 1,123,024 infected globally and 2,902 cases in India. It is not only a threat to the human race but also an alarming menace to the economy. The virus that initially […]

What is the Procedure of Conversion of Private Company into LLP?

A business structure needs to be flexible with lesser compliances to cope with the dynamic nature of the corporate world. One such legal entity that provides both the flexibility of Partnership Firm and perks of Limited Liability is LLP. Though Limited Liability Partnership is a relatively new concept than Private Company, yet several business enthusiasts […]

Superior Fraud Risk Management Guide

Over the years, technology has evolved at a fast-pace. Though the development in technology has streamlined our daily operation, perhaps it becomes a pathway for the hackers to commit their malicious acts and attack online businesses. With the growing rate of cyber crime and fraud cases in India, it is indispensable to be more vigilant […]

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A Peek into the Future of NBFCs in India

Non-Banking Financial Sector has attained a sky-rocketing success over recent years. It holds paramount value in regulating the growth of the financial system. These financial institutions have been a primary contributor to the core development of transportation, infrastructure and generated several employment opportunities. NBFCs largely cater to the financial needs of the economically weaker sections. […]

Companies Fresh Start Scheme 2020 and its Provisions

MCA or Ministry of Corporate Affairs has issued a new scheme, namely, Companies Fresh Start Scheme 2020. It is intended for those stakeholders who were unable to file any documents such as Annual Filing to ROC. CFSS-2020 is a boon for the Companies that have made Filing-defaults as it protects them from any legal proceeding […]

What are the Benefits of Dormant Company?

The concept of a Dormant Company has been introduced recently under Section 455 of Companies Act, 2013. In simple terms, Dormant Company implies to that Company which is inoperative or inactive. It is a perfect getaway of Company strike off or closure that results in permanent shut down of the business. A Dormant Company enables […]

Everything to know about Closing of a Nidhi Company

Nidhi originally means treasure; in legal terms, it is a type of Non-Banking Financial Company incorporated under Section 406 of Companies Act, 2013. The principal objective of a Nidhi Company is to cultivate the habit of thrift and savings among its members. However, if a Nidhi Company fails to comply with the provisions, then it’s […]

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