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Private Security Agency License in India
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Starting up the business in India requires mandatory licenses depending upon the nature of the legal structure. One such requirement is to get a Private Security Agency License (PSARA) for those agencies deploying security guards and is engaged in security-related services. 

Private Security Agency, commonly known as PSARA is the basic requirement for any person starting a private security business in India. Private Security Agencies means that business involves in providing Security Guards and other safety & security in establishments as a substitute of police. Private Security Agencies Regulation Act, 2005 regulates Private Security Agencies and their licenses.

Eligibility for Private Security Agency License

The eligibility criteria for applying for a Private security agency in India are as follows:

  • Entities that can apply for PSARA License are as follows:
  • Individual
  • Partnership firm
  • LLP
  • OPC
  • Private companies
  • The name of private security agency must contain words such as security services or such other related terms.
  • If the applicant for private security agency is a Company its MOA shall contain the clause in its MOA authorizing providing of security services.
  • The applicant shall be an Indian resident with proper financial stability that has to be evidenced by the submission of ITR.
  • The applicant before applying for a private security agency license must have entered into MOU with training institutes which are approved by State controlling authority for the provision of training to security guards.

Process of Getting Private Security Agency License

Following is the simplified step to obtain License for Private security agency:

  • Get all the necessary license under several acts such as GST, EPF, ESI, etc., before applying for PSARA license
  • Private security agency must enter into MOU with some training institute for imparting necessary training to its guards and supervisors
  • File the application for police verification in form-I. in case an applicant is a company, or firm guidelines provide that filing of separate verification form for every partner or director is mandatory
  • Apply to Controlling Authority for PSARA License.
  • Authority upon the receipt of confirmation from a police officer may as per their discretion either reject or approve the application
  • Depending upon the state to state and completion of the application, PSARA License can take 50-60 days

Documentation Process

Following documents are required for applying for private security agency license:

  • PAN
  • ESI registration certificate
  • EPF registration certificate
  • Contractual labour registration
  • Shop & Establishment registration
  • Affidavit for declaration of security training
  • Details of armed license obtained
  • The pattern of uniform for its security guards
  • Certificate of character verification of employees
  • Registered logo for a security agency
  • Identity proof and address proof of employees

Government Fees For Private Security Agency License

Government fees to get private security agency license in India as follows:

  • INR 5000: For private security agencies that operate in only one district
  • INR 10000: For private security agencies that operate in one to five districts
  • INR 25000: For private security agencies that operate in the whole state.

Validity For Private Security Agency License

PSARA license issued remains valid for 5 years from the date of issuance and shall be applied for renewal at least 90 days before its expiry date.

Other Requirements for Private Security Agency License

Other necessary conditions for applying for a Private Security Agency License in India are as follows:

  • The applicant shall not be convicted for offences involved in the promotion, formation or management of companies
  • Applicant must not be convicted of an offence by court involving the imprisonment of more than 2 years
  • The applicant shall not have any connection with such organizations that are banned under Indian laws for the reason they pose a threat to national safety
  • The person applying for a license must not be removed from government service due to misconduct or moral turpitude
  • The agency shall be registered in India for obtaining PSARA License
  • License is not issued to the agency whose proprietor/director/partner/majority shareholders are not an Indian citizen

Eligibility For Security Guards under PSARA

Following persons are eligible to become security guards or security supervisors:

  • A person with Indian Citizenship
  • A person with a minimum age of 18 years and maximum age of 65 years can apply for the security guard
  • A person shall satisfy the appointing agency about his character
  • A person who has completed security training completely
  • A person shall fulfill the physical standards set
  • A person shall not be convicted by a competent court or has not been dismissed on the grounds of misconduct
  • Private security agencies while selecting guards must give preferences to the person who has served in any of these forces:
  • Army
  • Navy
  • Air force
  • Police
  • Any such other armed force of union

Checklist of Compliance For Private Security Agency under PSARA Act

Once a private security agency license is obtained, following necessary post-license compliances are required as per PSARA Guidelines:

  • Agencies must have supervisors in place to monitor and supervise the security guards they hired
  • Agencies must provide necessary training and skills
  • PSARA act has mentioned criteria, qualification, and eligibility that must be followed throughout by agency
  • A person employed in an agency must strictly adhere to the uniform rules

Controlling Authority by State Government under PSARA Rules

PSARA Act provides that every state government shall appoint Controlling Authority for its State to issue the license, renewal of a license, regulate, and monitoring the private security agencies in India. The person designated as a controlling authority shall not be below the rank of Joint Secretary in the Home Department of State.


Since licensed agencies enhance the trustworthiness of the private security sector that plays a vital role in a safe and secure business environment, Mr Amit Shah[1] has launched a web portal that helps to get the private security agency license in New Delhi. Contact our expert team to help you to obtain PSARA License for your private security agency in all over India.

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