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The Knowledge Corner
Director and Shareholder
Dashmeet Kaur
| Updated: Apr 09, 2020 | Category: Compliance, DIN

How to Change or Replace the Director and Shareholder of Company?

The foundation of a company stands on two pillars, Directors and Shareholders. The role of a Shareholder is to determine and set some company’s goals that need to be accomplished...

Modes of Removal of Directors
Savvy Midha
| Updated: Feb 03, 2020 | Category: DIN

What are the Different Modes of Removal of Directors?

Directors of the company are responsible for controlling, managing and directing the day-to-day activities and affairs of the company. The collective body of Directors is known as the Board of...

Disqualification of Directors
Savvy Midha
| Updated: Jan 28, 2020 | Category: DIN, Legal

Supreme Court Judgement on Disqualification of Directors

Every Company, be it Private, Public or OPC, is an artificial person with no physical existence. The company has a legal existence separate from its members and acts through a...

Removal Of Disqualification Of Directors
Dashmeet Kaur
| Updated: Jan 23, 2020 | Category: DIN

Writ Petition for Removal of Disqualification of Directors

The government regulates the operations of directors since the success of a company depends upon its competency. In the year 2017, MCA declared the disqualification of around 3.09 lakh directors...

Dashmeet Kaur
| Updated: Jan 18, 2020 | Category: DIN

What is the Difference between Director and Shareholder?

The foundation of a company stands upon two heads, namely director and shareholder. Both the directors and shareholders perform distinctive roles in the company. The shareholders possess an authoritative position...

Removal of disqualification of directors
Dashmeet Kaur
| Updated: Dec 31, 2019 | Category: DIN

What is the Procedure for Removal of Director Disqualification under Section 164?

A company stands on two pillars; namely, shareholders and board of directors wherein the former appoint the later to manage the daily operations. Directors play a vital role in the...

Removal of Director from Company
Khushboo Priya
| Updated: Jan 11, 2019 | Category: DIN

Want to Remove a Director – What is the process?

The process of removing a director from the company could be done in three different ways. If the director of the company isn’t active or has not attended any of...

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