What is FSSAI Registration Necessary if you Own Food Business?

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The abbreviation FSSAI stands for food safety and standards authority in India. This is an authoritative organization that monitors and governs all the businesses related to foods in India. This department’s job is to ensure that the food products are safe to consume, this is done by vigilantly checking of the products and ingredients by the department undergoing quality checks eliminating adulteration of good and its sale of any substandard products. The FSSAI is responsible for the FSSAI Registration and FSSAI license for food Business operators also known as FBO in India. All these FBOs are supposed to follow the rules and regulations for running the food-related businesses in India.

Why is FSSAI Registration Required?

Each of the food business operators that are involved in the manufacturing process, processing procedure, and storage as well as distribution and sale of the foods are mandatorily required to obtain an online food license or FSSAI Registration. The online FSSAI Registration India is a certain difference from of FSSAI license which is different in the sense of its size and nature depending on the type of food business it’s being taken for. So it is a necessary step for the food business operators to get FSSAI Registration or FSSAI license.

Once you have done your FSSAI license Registration, you’ll be given a special and unique 14 digit Registration number or a license number which the food business operator is expected to compulsorily print on the packaging of their food products that they will be selling in the market to be consumed by people.

This FSSAI license or FSSAI Registration has only one motto that the food business operators to take accountability for the maintenance of their quality and standard of their food products.

FSSAI Basic Registration

A basic FSSAI Registration is usually required by the law for all the food business operators that are involved and running a food business on a small scale. It is applicable over the food business operators that have an annual turnover of an amount not exceeding Rs 12 lakhs. These come under the petty businesses or retailers. This could involve a person that is manufacturing or selling food articles by themselves and temporary stall holding. They also may be involved with the distribution of food in places of religious practice or in a social gathering, this doesn’t involve the catering services. This category also involves small-scale cottage industries.

What Are the FSSAI Registration regulations for basic food license?

The FSSAI regulations for basic food license involves the following:-

  • Food production capacity up to 100 kg or liter per day. This excludes meat and dairy.
  • Handling of the dairy and collection up to 500 liters per day.
  • Animal slaughter capacity of a minimum of two large animals or a minimum of 50 birds in poultry.

Follow the Procedure for Obtaining FSSAI Registration

  • Submit form A application to FSSAI department.
  • If accepted, proceed. If rejected within 7 days from the application, respond and make corrections as per their rules and requests and submit again.
  • Once application accepted, FSSAI Registration certificate is granted along with FSSAI Registration number.
  • Your certificate and Registration number must be on a display in your office.

Common documents required for obtaining FSSAI registration

  • Form B – completed and signed
  • Photo Identity of the business owner
  • Proof of possession of premises (eg. Rental Agreement of the property they are operating the business)
  • Partnership Deed / Certificate of Incorporation / Articles of Association etc.
  • List of food products to be dealt with.

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