How can we Opt for Voluntary Registration Under GST?

Voluntary Registration Under GST
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| Updated: Jun 21, 2018 | Category: GST

GST has now become a considerable topic to discuss, since it has come into existence on 1st July 2017. All individuals are worried about whether they ought to apply for voluntary registration under GST or not. So the basic answer to this is that any business can opt for voluntary registration under GST i.e. Goods & Service Tax, regardless of the fact whether their turnover is underneath INR 20 lakhs (INR 10 lakhs for the NE States).

Now let us make it a bit clear to you whether you must apply for GST Registration or not. And if yes then how to apply for it?

According to the provisions of the Act, in order to apply for GST Registration, the turnover limit for an ordinary citizen is INR 20 lakhs (for NE states INR 10 lakhs). This demonstrates an extra parts merchant having a turnover of INR 13-15 lakhs isn’t required to enrol under the GST regime. However, the government is looking for some deliberate voluntary GST registration under the set of unique rules and regulations. Consequently, the citizen whose turnover does not surpass the cutoff points of INR 20 lakh can likewise apply for GST registration.

As per the advice of tax specialists, applying for voluntary GST Registration process in India can bring some advantageous chances for dealers. For example, a business of small extra parts would not surpass the limits that are predetermined but if it is a supplier to enlarge dealer who is already registered under GST, then it will be the ingenious side of the GST Registrations.

Know the benefits that you can avail when you opt for voluntary GST Registration

  • Different shortcomings of creation plans can be taken care of well with voluntary registrations under GST.
  • It is truly evident that purchasers will get profited on the grounds that registered merchants can give a benefit of benefiting ITC (input tax credit) to their local through issuing tax invoice. Resultantly, this causes an association to enlarge its customer base.
  • In the case, that you need to bargain in interstate exchanges, voluntary registration under GST will help you with problem-free interstate exchanges. With this, you can oblige a more extensive client base and develop your overall revenues because of ITC.
  • GSTN will give consistency evaluations to every one of its registrants. Your voluntary GST Registration will give a better consistency with exchanging networks because of timely filings of returns and convenient instalments of taxes and consequently, fewer compromises. Moreover, more organizations will incline toward doing transactions with you because of your consistency awareness.

Criteria that you need to consider while opting for voluntary GST Registration

The previously mentioned benefits are unquestionable once you opt to apply for voluntary GST registration. Nonetheless, there are sure criteria that should be considered and are as follows: -.

  • Each one of those business units that are enrolled under GST needs to separate extra assets for both the capital liquidity and the compliances.
  • The three GST frames that are GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3 should be filled properly inside the stipulated time on the month to month premise without committing any blunder.
  • Inability to timely and properly compliances may prompt punishment included with the dismissal of an input tax credit.

GST form is based upon the transaction of sales, purchases, and the ITC input tax credit with the end goal of the tax liability. The GST is a goal-based tax and state-wise kind of registration which is required to be taken under service tax and returns that ought to be petitioned for each GSTIN where the business unit is located. For more insight details you may contact Swarit Advisors to get in touch with us anytime. We are the leading online legal service providers to our customers with expert consultation and complete guide.


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