How to Make Change in Registered Office of the Company?

Change in Registered Office
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This article will help you with the process to make a change in the registered office of the company if you own a company or a business. There are resolutions required by the company for changing the address of the registered office. Any business or a company who wishes to change in registered office of their company from one place in a region to another then your company must pass a particular special resolution in its general meeting, with its board resolution which is also required to be passed. This is authorized by the company director’s signature and then the form INC-22 is submitted with ROC.

How to get Approval for Change in Registered office from one state to another?

If anyone requires making the change in registered office address of the company from one state to another then the company must apply for the approval of the director of the region and then the company has to also file for such an approval to the regional director by filing a form INC-23. Once this is approved by the regional director then the approval needs to be presented to ROC within the time span of 60 days. When ROC too has confirmed the change within the 30 days of time for approval application.

What are the steps in the Legal Process of Change in Registered office when there is a Change from one ROC to another ROC?

Primarily the company must amend MOA which is the memorandum of association of the company. It wouldn’t have any provisions regarding the same. A certain special resolution must be passed by the company for its alteration in the memorandum of association and this is then required for filing to the ROC as per the form number MGT-14 and that has to be within 30days of passing the resolution.

Now for making a change in registered office of company from one state to another state in India, following documents will be required to be attached along with the form INC-23.

  • Copy of memorandum of association [1] and AOA of the company.
  • Copy of the notice stating the general meeting of the company.
  • Copy of the minutes of conducting the general meeting for presenting the resolution that sanctions the alteration of the location of the registered office of the company regarding MOA and AOA.
  • Along with an affidavit that verifies the application.
  • The other documents that are related to the application fee payments.
  • The board resolution copy and the central government may dispose of the application within 60 days of the change of registered office with the consent of its creditors, the debenture holders and other some persons that are concerned with the respective company.
  • The approval is to be sanctioned by the central government and shall be filed with registrars for that of both states. That is the one where it was situated and the one which is relocating to.
  • And the very last step is registrar of the new state. He shall keep the records of this change in the registered office and accordingly shall also issue a fresh certificate for the company mentioning the change in registered office of the company.

For more insight details you may contact us anytime to get support for your problems and queries if you are making a change in the registered address of your company. We will feel glad to help you.

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