How to Tie up Food Business Online with Swiggy?

Food business with Swiggy
Shivani Jain
| Updated: Nov 09, 2020 | Category: Business, FSSAI

Nowadays, starting an Online Food Business means small businesses with big sales. Also, a tie-up with some famous online Food Business Aggregators, such as Zomato, Swiggy, and Food Panda, plays a significant role in the profits of a restaurant as well. However, the same needs experience, research, and professional assistance as well.

In this blog, we will discuss the concept and process to Start an Online Food Business with Swiggy in India.

Overview of Swiggy

In India, Swiggy is one of the leading online food ordering and delivery startup. It started its operations in the year 2014 and is currently headquartered at Bengaluru.

Further, Swiggy acts as a bridge between the food outlets and customers, as it uses an innovative tech-driven platform that allows a customer to order food from his/her place to nearby food joints and eateries, and get the same delivered at doorsteps.

Therefore, it aims to make the experience of ordering food online, smooth and hassle-free for both customers and food outlets.

Growth of Swiggy and Online Food Business in India

As per a report published by DataLabs by Inc42, the Indian online Food Delivery Market is anticipated to reach at the US $12.53 billion by the end of 2023.  Also, in comparison to the Global Food Delivery Market, India is growing at a 15% rate.

Moreover, as per a report published by Google and BCG (Boston Consulting Group), the Indian Online Food Delivery Market is projected to become a US $8 billion market by the end of 2022, as it is growing at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 25 to 30%,

Further, as per an article published by Financial Express, at present Swiggy has raised funds equal to the US $1.5 billion. Also, the same had delivered more than 96 million orders by March 2018.

Also, as per a report published by Business Wire, the Indian Online Food Delivery Market is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 30.55% (on the basis of revenue) and 10.19% (on the basis of the number of users) during the period of 2020- 2024, to generate a revenue of Rs 1334.99 Billion and develop a user base of Rs 300.57 million by 2024.

Documents Required for Registering Online Food Business with Swiggy

In India, the documents required for registering Online Food Business are as follows:

Documents Required for Registering with Swiggy
  1. A copy of the FSSAI License issued by the certifying authority of FSSAI[1].
  2. PAN Card issued in the business or company’s name.
  3. A canceled cheque for the business.
  4. A copy of the bill for showing the details of charges and taxes.
  5. Details of the owner, such as photographs, ID Proofs, Address Proofs and other things.

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Process to Register Online Food Business with Swiggy

The steps involved in the process to Register Online Food Business are as follows:

Process to Register with Swiggy

Visit the Official Website

The first step for the applicant is to visit the official Swiggy portal[2]

Process to Register with Swiggy

Click Partner with Us

Now, the applicant needs to click on the option “Partner with Us”, located at the footer of the Homepage.

Partner with Us Swiggy

Fill in the Details

Now, in the next step, the applicant needs to fill in all the basic details asked, such as follows:

  1. Restaurant Name.
  2. Owner Name.
  3. Restaurant POC Designation.
  4. Owner Contact Number.
  5. Owner Email Id.
  6. Restaurant City.

After that, he/she needs to click on the option “Proceed”.

Proceed of Fill Details on swiggy

Fill the Detailed Form

In the next step, the applicant needs to fill in the detailed application form and provide the details as follows:

  1. Website or Online Listing Link.
  2. Number of Outlets.
  3. Primary Area of the Food Outlet.
  4. Typical Cost for 2 people.
  5. Type of Cuisine.

Upload Required Documents

Now, there is a need to upload soft copies of the documents as follows:

  1. Shop License.
  2. FSSAI License.
  3. GST Registration Number.
  4. PAN Card.

Moreover, the applicant would require to have photographs of his/her restaurant or food outlet. Further, the term “Photographs” include pictures of the facade, dining, kitchen, locality, and packaging material, etc. Also, it shall be relevant to note that all the pictures must be in jpeg format.

Collect Hard Copies of Required Documents

In this step, the applicant requires to gather hard copies of the documents as follows:

  1. Canceled Cheque.
  2. Passbook.
  3. An image of the Outlet’s Menu.
  4. Take Away Bill.

Call from Representative

After successfully, filling up the form and saving the details, the applicant will receive a call from the representative regarding the partnership agreement. It shall be relevant to state that the outlet will go live on Swiggy within 2 to 3 weeks, starting from the date of receiving a call from the executive.

Receive Confirmation Notification

Lastly, the applicant will shortly receive a notification through a phone call and e-mail that his/her restaurant or food outlet has been duly registered.

“Congratulations! You are now successfully registered on Swiggy and can immediately start accepting orders.”

Things to Consider after Successful Registration

The things to consider after successful registration on Swiggy are as follows:

  1. The registered applicant will now be required to pay a 17 to 25% commission on all food orders made through Swiggy’s online food ordering portal.
  2. He/she may have to keep check of the menu and the price details regularly, so as to ensure that they are reflected correctly.
  3. The registered applicant will get an API link done with his/her restaurant POS (Point of Sale) system and all the channels of online orders to make sure he/she stays at the top of the status of all orders, and at all times.


In a nutshell, Swiggy is a great online platform for all embryonic food sellers, who want to attract customers to their restaurant. Further, registering the online food business with Swiggy will assist the brand to get noticed and bring in orders. Also, it will surely help the owner to get recognized in this large arena of the food business.

Therefore, if an owner wants to build the brand name and market place, then he/she must register the online food business with Swiggy. At SwaritAdviors, our expert professionals will provide endless assistance in obtaining GST Registration and FSSAI License for acquiring registration with Swiggy.

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