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What is FSSAI Registration?

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The food business operators to sell their manufactured products require FSSAI Registration for their business. application for FSSAI stands for food safety and standard authorities in India. The FSSAI Registration is usually completely online process in case of the central license as well as for FSSAI Registration at the state level, you don’t have to physically reach their office and submit your application.

How to do FSSAI Registration online?

The FSSAI provides an online platform for the FBO (food business operators) where the FBO can easily apply for FSSAI Registration. The process starts with visiting the official website and then signing up providing your contact details. Then FBO may apply for the FSSAI Registration by providing mandatory detailed information. If the FBO complies with all their regulations then they’d receive their FSSAI Registration certificate from the statutory authority.

What to expect after application for FSSAI Registration?

The authority will also carry an inspection of the FSSAI registered FBO to ensure that they are complying with the regulatory rules. This inspection takes place once a year. Once you have the FSSAI Registration certificate issued, FBO can also apply for any modifications or renewal or even for the duplicate certificate. The FSSAI Registration license certificate is of two types, 1) central FSSAI and 2) state FSSAI license. An FSSAI Registration license will be valid for 5 years and FBO must ensure to renew it prior to reaching expiry date.

The application payment can be made online too and then you may check the status.

Post-FSSAI Registrations Regulations to be followed by FBO?

The FBO is supposed to maintain the guidelines of FSSAI for getting their products approved by the FSSAI body. They must ensure adequate labeling of their packaged food products which are identified by FSSAI. The FBO has to keep in mind that if they failed to stick with the rules and regulatory guidelines of FSSAI, they will be liable for heavy penalties as well as cancellation of their FSSAI license certificate.

Penalty Provisions under FSSAI Legislation?

  • Any business that is selling their food products that don’t comply with the provided guidelines of food safety act is liable for a penalty of five lakh rupees.
  • If any company or a person with Food license is manufacturing and selling food products for human consumption that are substandard then again they are liable for the penalty of five lakh rupees.
  • If the manufacturing body stores, imports or then sells food products irrelevant to their claim then the body is liable for the penalty of 1 lakh rupees.

If the FBO importing the products fails to comply by FSSAI rules then they are liable for the penalty of two lakh rupees.

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