Shivani Jain

Shivani Jain

Shivani has completed her B com LLB (Hons) and has the experience of writing various research papers during her college time. Earlier she was working as an Associate in a Delhi based Law Firm, but her interest in writing made her pursue Legal Content Writing as a career. Her core area of interest is in writing about various legal enactments, tax, and finance.

Insurance, Real Estate & Financial Services under Trademark Class 36

Trademark Class 36 signifies a specific class of Trademark classes that deals with monetary as well as financial affairs, together with the services concerning insurance contracts and real estate affairs of all kinds. In this blog, we will discuss the idea of Trademark Class 36, together with the List of Services known as Insurance, Real […]

Business and Consulting Services under Trademark Class 35

Trademark Class 35 signifies a specific class of trademark classification that deals with the services termed as Business and Consulting Services. However, the services, such as evaluation and reports of engineers, that do not straight away refer to the operations or management of affairs in an industrial and commercial enterprise. In this blog, we will […]

How to Register a Partnership Firm in Kerala?

In India, “Partnership Firm” as a business structure is the second most chosen after Sole Proprietorship. Also, it shall be considerate to note that in comparison to LLP, Partnership Firms are more to register, as there is no need to obtain DIN and DSC. Further, to register a Partnership Firm in Kerala, an applicant requires […]

Open a Medical Store in India: Its Concept and Process

In India, Pharmacy or Medical Store Business is considered“Evergreen”, as the same is not affected by any economic cycles or pandemic, such as COVID – 19. Also, due to the increasing popularity of multi-speciality and corporate hospitals, India is witnessing significant growth in its Pharmacy sector. Further, to open a Medical Store in India, the […]

Why Startups Choose LLP to Start Business in India?

Startups are entrepreneurial undertakings, projects, or enterprises that are normally young in age and growing in nature. Also, embryonic entrepreneurs tend to be ambitious in approach as they want to create a marketplace where they offer and develop both inventive and innovative products and service. As a result, out of all the business formats available, […]

Tobacco, Matches & Smoking Products under Trademark Class 34

The term “Trademark Class 34” signifies a particular trademark class that transacts with the goods and items termed as Tobacco, Matches and Smoking Products. However, the goods and products, such as cigarettes made without tobacco and used for medical purposes are not covered under the ambit of this trademark class. In this blog, we will […]

Rectification of Trademark in India: Its Concept and Procedure for Filing

Trademark Rectification or “Rectification of Trademark” denotes a legal process that aims to correct or rectify any act of omission an error that has been made in the details of the trademark after the process of trademark registration. Further, the term Trademark Rectification not only covers the correction of an omission or error but includes […]

CBIC Notifies Rules for Monthly & Quarterly Filing of Form GSTR 1

Form GSTR 1 signifies a Monthly GST Return that is filed by a “Regular Dealer” regarding all the “Outward Supplies” made by him or her in a specific month or quarter.  Recently, CBIC or Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs, by way of a Notification No 84/ 2020, dated 10.11.2020 had notified that the […]

Halal License Certificate: How to obtain it for Meat Shops in India?

Halal License Certificate is a record that makes sure that all the food items and administrations concentrating on the Muslim population meet the fundamentals of Islamic law and subsequently are reasonable for utilization in both Western Nations and Muslim-central part Nations where there is a huge bunch of population who practice Islam. Further, such countries […]

Implementation of IT Infrastructure by MSMEs to Support Electronic Invoices

‘Electronic Invoices’ or ‘E-invoicing’ is basically a type of electronic billing, which plays a significant role in the GST framework. Recently, the Central Government by way of a Notification No. 88/ 2020 [1], dated 10.11.2020, has declared that the facility of electronic invoicing or e-invoicing is going to be compulsory for every business that has […]

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