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An Overview of FSSAI License Renewal

In India, if any Food Business Operator (FBO) wants to start a new food business, then it is mandatory to obtain FSSAI License. FSSAI License ensures that the FBO is providing high-quality standard food to its customers. Though FSSAI License is compulsory, FBOs still need to accomplish another submission i.e., FSSAI License Renewal. As soon as this license validation expires, it is required to be renewed as soon as possible. In case the application for FSSAI License Renewal is not made within the validity period, then the FSSAI License shall expire. In such a case, the FBO shall stop all business activities at the food unit or premise and the FBO shall apply for a new food License or Registration if it wants to restart the business.

Importance of FSSAI License Renewal

The Food Business Operator in India ensures that he or she maintains FSSAI License valid by applying for the renewal. The FBO must keep an eye on the renewal of the FSSAI License in case of any delay in the renewal process will lead to a heavy penalty. If the FBO forgets to renew within the given due date, then the License will be considered invalid, and the FBO will no longer continue its business. If such a situation occurs, the Food Business Operator will not be permissible to pursue its food business activities. Hence, it is said to keep an update on the process of FSSAI License Renewal.

New Policy for the Renewal of FSSAI License

To facilitate the food businesses to continue with the same License Number even after the expiry date. It has been decided with the consent from the Food Authority to enable FBO to renew the FSSAI Registration even after the expiry date with the following penalties.

  1. Three times the existing annual License or registration fee in the period - 1st to 90th day from the original expiry date;
  2. Additional 2 times of the existing annual registration fees (i.e., total 5 times) in the period – 91st to 180th day from the original expiry date.

Benefits of FSSAI License

The primary benefits of the FSSAI License in India are as follows:

  • Consumer Awareness

Consumers nowadays are keener and more encouraged toward fit or healthy foods in the market. The good and bad qualities of food are also known to the consumers. The FSSAI License in India spreads more awareness among the daily consumers that the food consumed by the consumers is safe and healthy for them to eat.

  • Legal Advantage

FSSAI has set certain rules and regulations for the FBO or Food Business Operators in India. These prescribed rules and regulations are legal in the eyes of the law. The Registration of FSSAI is a legal procedure to ensure that the food people are using or eating is fit for their consumption.

  • Acceptance by the Public

The common public will accept the food from a trader's business as the certificate of FSSAI makes the consumer think that the food is healthy and fit for eating. The FSSAI also ensures the consumer believes that the Government has approved the food of the business trader.

  • Check on the Quality

The inspection that is done by the FSSAI authorities for the food of your business provides a quality check to the food of FBO. Consumers will gain confidence after seeing that a particular brand is registered under the FSSAI, hence making them think that the food product is of pure quality.

  • Expansion of the Business

The FSSAI license in India makes it easier for the FBOs to get bank loans for business Expansion. With the help of the FSSAI License in India, the Food Business Operators can build a good reputation among the traders in the market and expand their business.

Documents Required for FSSAI License Renewal

All the important documents required for filing the application for the FSSAI License Renewal in India are as follows:

  • For Basic FSSAI Registration
  1. Applicant’s latest Passport-sized Photograph;
  2. Identity proof of the applicant such as Driving License, Aadhar Card, or Voter ID, etc;
  3. PAN Card;
  4. Address Proof such as Gas Bill, Electricity Bill, or Phone Bill;
  5. Form A;
  6. Rent Agreement (if any);
  7. NOCs by Municipality or Panchayat, Health Department, etc., if any.
  • For Central or State Registration
  1. Form B;
  2. List of directors, proprietaries, and partners along with other details;
  3. Identity proof & address of directors, partners, and proprietaries;
  4. Partnership Deed or MOA or AOA;
  5. Layout plan of the food processing premise or unit;
  6. Form IX nomination of persons or individuals by the company along with Board Resolutions;
  7. Authority Letter drafted by the manufacturing;
  8. List of food categories (for manufacturers).
  • For Manufacturing and Processing Units
  1. The Layout Plan of the premises of the unit showing the dimensions and operation-wise area of the unit;
  2. List of Name and Equipment and Machinery along with the number of them, horsepower used by the machinery and installed capacity of each machinery;
  3. The total list of all the food categories desired to be manufactured by the unit;
  4. An Analysis of the report of the water used in the food from a recognised public health laboratory;
  5. Letter of Authority with the address and name of the responsible person nominated by the manufacturer.

Procedure for FSSAI License Renewal

  • Online Procedure for FSSAI License Renewal

Online FSSAI License Renewal is very easy and for getting the online FSSAI License Renewal, the FBO must follow a required step. After following the process, the applicant will get the License within 30 to 60 days. To apply online, the applicant is required to create the user id & password. Apply with the user id and password. Also, it is vital to upload all the vita documents. Upon submission of the application and documents, the applicant will get an application reference number and this number helps in keeping track of the application status for the renewal of an FSSAI License.

  • Offline Procedure for FSSAI License Renewal

The offline procedure of FSSAI License Renewal in India is as follows:

  1. Fill out the Form: The initial step for the FSSAI License Renewal in India is to fill the Form A for Basic Registration or Form B for Central or State Registration. These two forms consist of FBOs' business activities, which must be filled with all the necessary self-attested declarations as mentioned in the Food Safety and Standard or FSS Act. A photo identity proofs such as a Passport, Driving License, Aadhar Card, and Voter ID are also required to be attached.
  2. Verification of Application: After receipt of the application, the food authorities will examine the filed application. The authority will also inspect the premises of the applicant in order to check that FBO has disclosed all the necessary information and information that is submitted is correct. A proper report is required to be formed by the inspection authorities.
  3. Completion: If the authorities are completely satisfied, after the successful inspection of FBO premises, they can issue the FSSAI License.
  4. Getting License: The authorities must issue the FSSAI License within a time period of 60 days. In case no response is received by the authorities within the time period of 60 days, then the FBOs are authorised to run the business without wasting any time.

Following are some additional requirements to apply for the FSSAI License Renewal:

  • The application for the FSSAI Renewal must contain an FSMS Plan, Audit Report, certificates, or Self Declaration concerning FSMS (Food Safety Management System) has to be filed together. Such declaration should be provided on the letterhead of the FBO or Company for Firm as per the prescribed format.
  • Another requirement of the FSSAI License Renewal is filling up Form No. IX (Form for Nomination of Persons). It's the company's responsibility to fill out the form in the prescribed manner.
  • Also, a declaration signed by the Authorised signatory stating that the Food Business conducted conforms to the FSS Act, hygiene & sanitary practices.
  • Moreover, all FBOs need to comply with the guidelines provided under Schedule 4 of the Registration & Licensing Regulation issued by the Food Safety & Standards Authority in India and to all subsequent rules issued by an authorised individual or authority from time to time and it should be attached with the application for FSSAI License Renewal.

Primary consequences of Non-Renewal of FSSAI License

To avoid any kind of fine, the FSSAI License Renewal in India should be done as per the guidelines of FSSAI. The FSSAI License Renewal in India is required to be done before the expiry of the License. The FBOs should better apply for the FSSAI License Renewal in India, the time official notification for the renewal is received by them.

In India, if the FSSAI License Renewal is not done within the stipulated time, then an amount of Rs 100 per day will be charged. FSSAI License of the FBOs will continue to be in force during the time orders for the FSSAI License Renewal in India are passed in favour of the FBOs. Such an order should not be beyond the time period of 30 days from the date of expiration of the License in India.

FAQs of FSSAI License Renewal

The FSSAI License needs to be renewed at least 30 days before its expiry. For Renewal, the license holder needs to file Form A and B. The fee for a renewal is the same as the fee charged for the issuance of a new license.

Every FBO operating in India needs to obtain FSSAI License in India.

An individual can obtain FSSAI License by applying on the official website.

The term “FSSAI License” denotes a 14-digit numeric code issued to every FBO in India, under the FSS Act.

The FSSAI License of an applicant will appear in the FSSAI License Renewal bin 60 days before the date of expiry. Therefore, it is mostly suggested to apply for the FSSAI License Renewal at the same time.

A basic FSSAI License in India can be issued in 7 to10 working days. In contrast, a State and Central FSSAI License can take a time period of around 30 days.

A FSSAI License remains valid for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 5 years. Further, it needs to be renewed at least 30 days before expiry.

The individual will be fined Rs. 100 per day until the contravention continues.

No, one cannot continue his/her food business without renewing his/her FSSAI License, if it is expired. Doing this will impose a hefty penalty on the said Food Business Operator.

Yes, one can apply on the official portal for the FSSAI License Renewal.

One can check the status of the FSSAI Registration form on the official website of FSSAI.

Yes, as per the FSS Act, 2006, certain FBOs need to file an Annual Return in the prescribed manner.

A Licensing Officer can reject a FSSAI Application, in the case when the applicant does not provide the required information within the time limit of 30 days.

The State Government and Central Government depending on the type of license, has the authority to FSSAI Certificate.

The term FSSAI stands for the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

No, the process for renewal remains the same for everyone; only the documents differ based on the type of business format.

A FSSAI License remains valid for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 5 years.

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