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tiffin service business
Dashmeet Kaur
| Updated: Jan 14, 2020 | Category: FSSAI

Living in a metropolitan city, the thought of opening a tiffin service business must have crossed your mind. Since many people relocate to a new place, they do not get access to homemade food and count on junk or packaged food. However, consuming a large amount of unhealthy food might deteriorate the metabolism. Further it becomes the root cause of adverse diseases. As it is impossible to cook daily while coping up with a busy schedule, one often looks for tiffin services. If you also strive to be a tiffin service provider, then this blog will act as a perfect guide to you.

Prerequisite to commence a Tiffin Service Business

Here is a checklist of things to consider prior to commencing a tiffin service business model:

  • Conduct profound market research : – Before stepping into any industry, an Entrepreneur must perform an in-depth study of the market. It will help to identify the areas which have more scope to enlarge your tiffin business. Moreover, through research, one can determine whether to start a regular tiffin service business or cater food occasionally to small parties. Examine those services which are in demand by conducting a local survey. Thereon check your budget and resources to choose the most suitable business model.
  • Make a list of requirements and set a budget : – Once you decide upon the service type and area, it’s time to prepare a catalogue of your business requirements. You must also mention your estimated budget to execute the course of actions. Evaluate the number of resources and utensils; you will need to start the tiffin service business. Also, you have to collaborate with the local grocers for vegetables and other food ingredients. It is advisable to seal a contract with the grocer on a fixed amount. Having a list of expenditures beforehand will help you assist during the loan process.
  • Registration and obtain a license : – All the food businesses must get registered under the Food Safety and Standards Authority Act, 2006. It gives a professional outlook to your tiffin business and builds consumers trust. There is stringent legal compliance to run a food business. Hence, you must compel to all the rules and regulations.
  • Insurance of the business : – The most prudent decision that one can take before launching a tiffin service business is to get it insured. As mishap in business is inevitable, it’s better to safeguard in advance. Hence, keep a reserve from your budget for the insurance of your business. It helps to rebuild your business quickly in case of any misfortune.

Steps to undertake to open a Tiffin Service Company

Now that you have perceived enough knowledge about the things to do before starting off a tiffin business, let’s take a look at the procedure to build one:

  • Collect the needed capital : – It goes without saying that, the primary requirement to establish a tiffin business is to gather sufficient money. The biggest perk of tiffin services business model is that one can start small. On an initial stage, a tiffin service provider can choose to serve only a few people in his nearby location. Thus, the capital requirement for the same can be very low.
  • Ensure Safety and hygiene : – As a tiffin provider, it becomes paramount to maintain a balance between taste and hygiene. Therefore, you must ensure that you are not risking the lives of your customers by providing unhealthy food. Though you can start the tiffin business from your kitchen, you must take regular actions to sustain hygiene. Some of the measures that you can consider are steady pest control, using gloves while packing and cooking, sterilizing the kitchen.
  • Create a unique business plan : – A business plan helps to layout the operations, which an entrepreneur has to follow for smooth functioning. So prepare a peculiar business plan to ensure the success of your tiffin company.
  • Acquire licenses- When running a tiffin service business on a small scale; you may not require any license. However, if you wish to enlarge your business, then you must get legal support by obtaining several permits.
  • Incorporate a systematic approach for management : – The tiffin business is not confined to cooking food, serving, and generating profits. It is a broad concept which involves management in different aspects such as, order, delivery, tax implications, payments and collection. You can digitalize your business to track your daily orders and avail technology-driven solutions to reduce the workload.

Licenses Required for Tiffin Business

To outreach the boundaries of your state, you must work in alignment with the legal structure. So, procure these licenses for your tiffin service business:

  • Permission from the Food and Health Department : – It is apparent to get an FSSAI license from the food and health department to commence tiffin business.
  • Shop and Establishment License : – You may have started from your kitchen, but soon your business will get commercialized. Thus, acquire the Shop and Establishment License.
  • Get a permit from the Fire Brigade and the Police Department.
  • NOC from the Society : – Your society will ultimately consume the food which you will serve through tiffin services. Therefore, you must take a No Objection Certificate from your community. It ensures that the society readily accepts your tiffin services, and thereby you don’t have to face the repercussions of any hazards that may incur.

Final Thoughts

One has to face a cutting-throat competition in the realm of tiffin services business, so it’s wise to take professional help from a legal advisory like Swarit Advisors. We give the right assistance to ease the process of legal registrations. Also, we hold years of expertise to streamline the procedure of obtaining FFSAI license and Shop and Establishment License.

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