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What is a Business Plan?

A business plan is a document that efficientlyconnects the business and its potential to those that matter. It could be astockholder, a bank, a joint venture you want to work for your company. It will cover the background of the founding team, the business model, a brief analysis of the market and estimates of financial performance. Such a plan must be framed even if you are not looking to raise funding.

Advantages of a Business Plan

Convince people Who Matter

Business set up is wherever start-ups showcase their potentialfor success in a simplycomprehensible presentation that bank executives, private equity investors and others would understand easily.

Equity Funding

One who is decent at building products, however not at presenting info in a way that a businessperson would recognize, you will need to arrange a business plan to get your round of funding.

Build the Roadmap

If you're goodat building products, but not at all good at presenting info in a way that any business person would understand, you will need a business plan to get your round of funding.

What will the Business Plan Contain?

1. Elevator Pitch.

2. USP.

3. Current Traction.

4. Solution.

5. Business Model.

6. Founding Team.

7. Market Analysis.

8. Go-to-market strategy.

Business Plan Procedure

Days Work to be done
Approx.5 working days Obtain in-depth information about your business and competitors and other important document from clients
Approx.10 working days Once all the information is received, and then begin framing the business plan
Approx.4 working days If any modification in business plan required
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