How to Tie up Food Business Online with Zomato?

Tie up Food business with Zomato
Shivani Jain
| Updated: Nov 10, 2020 | Category: Business, FSSAI

Nowadays, every individual who wants to become a recognised Food Business Operator tends to register his/her Online Food Business with various food aggregators, such as Zomato, Swiggy, Food Panda, etc.

The reason behind the same is that the online food sector is mounting rapidly and people prefer to order more online at their place than to dine in a restaurant.

In this blog, we will discuss the concept and process to register an online food business with Zomato.

Overview of Zomato

In India, Zomato was established both as a Food Delivery Start-up and Indian Restaurant Aggregator in 2008. It was founded by Mr. Pankaj Chadha and Mr. Deepinder Goyal and is headquartered at New Delhi.

Further, this online platform works as a medium to provide menus, details, information, customer reviews, food delivery options, etc., regarding the food partner restaurants operating in selected cities.

Therefore, the main objective of this tech-driven platform is to make the experience of ordering food online, worthwhile and smooth for both customers and food outlets.

Growth of Zomato in India

As per a report published by Digital Marketing Ramblings, Zomato had reached the target of 90 million users per month. Further, it had generated a revenue of US $206 million for the Financial Year 2019.

Further, as per a report published by Statista on 16.10.2020, the Net Sales of Zomato in the year 2019 had crossed 11.7 billion Indian Rupees.

Also, as per an article published by Financial Express, at present Zomato has raised funds equal to the US $800 billion.

According to a report published by Statista, the Online Food Delivery Sector is expected to grow by a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 9.1%. Also, the same will result in the market volume of US$11569 million by the end of 2023.

Benefits of Listing Online Food Business with Zomato

The benefits of Listing Online Food Business with Zomato are as follows:

  1. It makes the restaurant more visible and approachable on its online platform, which tends to result in increased customers reach and better marketability.
  2. One of the main benefits of registering an online food business with Zomato is to manage delivery for the registered restaurants;
  3. Ensures Timely Delivery.
  4. Provides Tech-driven Mechanism for Tracking Food Orders.
  5. Assists the Restaurants in building Brand Image.
  6. Helps Customers in getting New Place to Eat.
  7. Updates customer regarding his/her food orders.

Helps in increasing sales of the small food outlets.

Documents Needed for Registering Online Food Business with Zomato

The documents needed for registering Online Food Business in India are as follows:

Documents required Zomato
  1. FSSAI Food License
  2. A copy of the PAN (Permanent Account Number) Card issued in the company’s name.
  3. A canceled cheque
  4. A copy of the bill or invoice displaying the details of taxes charged.
  5. Identity Proof for Owner in the form of Voter ID/ Driving License/Aadhar Card.
  6. Address Proof for Owner in the form of Utility Bill and other things.

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What is the Process to Register Online Food Business with Zomato

The steps involved in the process to register an Online Food Business with Zomato are as follows:

Zomato registration process

Visit the Official Website

The first and foremost step for the applicant is to visit the Official Zomato website[1].

Official Website Zomato

Click Add Restaurant

Now, in the next step, the applicant requires choosing the option “Add Restaurant”, placed at the footer of the Homepage.

Click Add Restaurant Zomato

Fill in the Details

Now, in the next step, the applicant must fill in all the basic details asked, which are as follows:

  1. Restaurant Name
  2. Owner Name
  3. Owner Credentials
  4. Owner Contact Number
  5. Owner Email Id
  6. Restaurant City
  7. Opening Status

After that, he/she requires to click on the option “Add Restaurant”.

Fill the Detailed Application Form

Now, the applicant requires to fill in the detailed registration form and furnish the details as follows:

Address and Google Maps Location for the Restaurant

Fill Application Form Zomato

Features of the Restaurant

The term features of the restaurant include the factor as follows:

  1. Alcohol/Non-Alcohol
  2. Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Night life/Café
  3. Seating Arrangement
  4. Different Modes of Payment
  5. Types of Cuisines
Restaurant Features Zomato

Other Details Regarding Restaurants

The term other details of the restaurant include the factor as follows:

  1. Timings of Operation
  2. Contact Information
  3. Website Link for Restaurant
  4. Official Email Address for Restaurant
Other Details Regarding Restaurants

Upload Soft Copies of Required Documents

Now, the said applicant requires to upload soft copies of the documents requires as follows:

  1. Shop License
  2. FSSAI License
  3. GST Registration Number
  4. PAN Card
  5. Bank Account Details

Completion of Listing

Once the applicant has submitted the request for listing, the authorities will start the process of verification for the restaurant. After that, the page will go live on Zomato Portal.

Call from Zomato Sales Representative

After successfully, filling up the registration form and listing the product on Zomato Portal, the applicant might receive a call from the Zomato Sales Representative regarding the cross-check of details.

Factors to Consider after Successful Registration with Zomato

The factors to consider after successful online food business registration with Zomato are as follows:

  1. The registered food business owner will need to pay at least 15 to 22% commission on all the online food orders made through Zomato online food ordering application.
  2. He/she needs to keep check of the food menu and the price details on regular intervals, so as to make sure that they are reflected correctly.
  3. The registered food business owner needs to get his/her API link done, together with the restaurant POS (Point of Sale) mechanism and all the channels of online orders. Further, the same is done to ensure that he/she stays at the top position of all orders, and at all times.


In a nutshell, Zomato is a great tech-driven platform available for all the budding food owners, who want to attract both customers and sales for their outlets.

Further, the major benefit of registering an online food business with Zomato is to get the food outlet or restaurant noticed in the initial stage itself. Also, the same will surely assist the owner in getting acknowledged in this large arena of the Food Industry[2].

Therefore, if a food outlet owner wants to establish both the brand name and market place, then he/she should register the online food business with Zomato.

Also, at Swarit Advisors, our team of experts will provide end-to-end assistance in acquiring GST Registration, PAN, FSSAI License, and Shop License for further registration with Zomato.

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