FSSAI Permitted Hotels for Plastic Bottle Replacement with Glass Bottles

plastic bottle replacement
Dashmeet Kaur
| Updated: Feb 06, 2020 | Category: FSSAI

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India have taken an important step to reduce the plastic footprints. FSSAI enables hotels to replace plastic water bottles with paper-sealed glass water bottles.  Presently, every hotel across India serves drinking water in plastic bottles which generates a considerable level of plastic waste. This documentary depicts the significance of plastic bottle replacement and FSSAI conditions are subjected to the same.

What is the importance of FSSAI regulations?

FSSAI is the sole authority which regulates the functions of the Food industry in India. Therefore, it has set some stringent guidelines for all the food business operators (FBO) to safeguard the public health interest. Recently, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India have conducted a survey that brings out the radical effect of plastic: 

  • According to FSSAI report, India generates around 95 lakhs tonnes of plastic waste per annum out of which about 38 lakh tonnes remain uncollected that end up in the rivers, dump and even consumed by animals.
  • As per the environmental experts, Brahmaputra and Ganga are amongst the top 10 most plastic-polluted rivers across the globe. The plastic contaminants are estimated to be around 6,00,000 tonnes which enter in the Indian sea on an annual basis.
  • Moreover, numerous micro-plastic particulars were found in plastic bottled water and table salts. The incineration of plastic waste also results in respiratory problems.
  • Plastic is injurious to the environment as well as for inhabitants and it calls for the total eradication of plastic.
  • Therefore, FSSAI has issued new regulations for plastic bottle replacement to all the hotels, which can bring a revolutionary change.
FSSAI License reinforces the laws regarding food storage, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, import and sale. It ensures the availability of wholesome food which is safe for human consumption. Hence, it is indispensable for every food business operator to obtain FSSAI License and comply with the regulation under FSSAI Act, 2006.

FSSAI Conditions on the replacement of plastic bottles

FSSAI has addressed the plea of various hotel representatives to permit them to serve drinking water in paper sealed glass bottles specifically to their in-house guests.  The request showcases a commitment to a sustainable environment. Therefore FSSAI scrutinized the matter in regards to hotels request and considers the harmful impact of waste generated through plastic water bottles.

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India have granted hotels to replace plastic water bottles with paper sealed reusable glass bottles under the following conditions:

  • Hotels will not sell the paper-sealed glass water bottles, and it has to be served free of cost to all the in-house guests.
  • The wrapper of the paper sealed bottles must prominently label as “Not for Sale” with the name and address of the concerned hotel.
  • As per FSSAI, the hotels need to incorporate in-house drinking water bottling systems at their premises to serve paper sealed water bottles.
  • Moreover, every hotel must comply with the hygienic and sanitation conditions, as specified under Schedule IV of Food Safety and Standards Regulations 2011.
  • The water served in glass bottles must conform to (Bureau of Indian Standards) BIS specification IS: 10500: 2012.
  • The paper-sealed glass water shall not be regarded as packaged water, as prescribed under (FSS) Food Safety and Standards Act 2006 and regulations.
  • Besides, FSSAI releases new guidelines which emphasize the usage of bamboo as an alternative to plastic utensils such as plates, straws, cutlery and bowls at eating houses.
  • FSSAI strives to remove the restrictions on the use of returnable bottles for packaging of artificially sweetened beverages. 

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Impact of FSSAI decision on the Hotel Industry

Many hotels around the world are taking essential measures to reduce the use of plastic. One such initiative to a plastic-free future is the plastic bottle replacement for water and other purposes. Several hotels now avail water stations or utilize reusable bottles to serve freshwater in paper-sealed glass, copper, aluminium containers or bottles.

Apart from endorsing reusable bottles, the hotels are undertaking additional efforts to reduce single-use plastic such as plastic glasses, straws and plastic containers for the amenities. Thus, FSSAI decision has empowered the hotels to contribute their part to an eco-friendly environment and create a ‘green’ brand which can drive more environmentally conscious customers.

One step closer to a Plastic-Free Environment

The plastic waste is a profound concern for the contemporary Indian travelers who stay at hotels. FSSAI research reveals that the plastic bottles used in the hotels were generating an enormous amount of plastic waste, which directly affects our eco-system and surroundings. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) have instituted a remarkable way to replace plastic bottles in the hotels with paper-sealed glass bottles.

FSSAI has tightened the water safety standards by issuing a circular which confines the hotels to use glass water bottles to serve in-house guests. When our country’s top hotels accentuate plastic waste management; it will enlighten others to take sustainable and eco-friendly measures.


The hospitality sector is taking small steps to build better surroundings with minimalistic wastage. The industry is setting up an environment well-being as its utmost priority. By following the provisions of FSSAI to replace plastic water bottles and adhering to BIS packaging norms under IS 10500: 2012, the hotels shall become a crucial contributor to the welfare of India.

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