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Overview of LMPC Importer License

Whoever plans to import pre-packaged commodities or products in India needs to take LMPC Importer License before importing pre-packaged products or commodities in India under rule 27 of Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity rules the Department of Consumer Affairs. Companies in the professions must import pre-packed products to India. Must apply the registration is within 90 days from when the import has started.

Under the packaged commodity rules, certain compulsory declarations like country of growing, name and address of the manufacturer, importer address, date of Manufacturing, date of import etc. the scope of declarations to be made on pre-packed products varies from a variety of products; said declarations to be made on food products would be different from the non-food items.

Although for an LMPC Importer License Registration, the rules & regulations and laws to be followed are set under Legal Metrology Act, 2009, many states have implemented different amended laws that help them serve the objective according to their state’s requirements.

Eligibility Criteria for LMPC Importer License in India

According to the Legal Metrology Packaged product rules, 2011, every importer must obey them and provide compulsory declarations before beginning the import. Are following:

  1. Country of origin of the product
  2. Name & address of the manufacturer
  3. Date of manufacture (month and year)
  4. Date of import (month and year)
  5. Address proof of the manufacturer

Note:-If, Any Importer does not provide the following declaration. They will not be eligible for the LMPC Importer license.

Benefits in the Issuance of LMPC Import License Registration under Legal Metrology Act, 2009

Following are the mentioned below are some significant benefits of the issuance of LMPC Import License Registration under the Legal Metrology Act, 2009:-

  1. Reducing Transaction Cost
  2. Promotion of importation of the production in India.
  3. Taking Government Revenue
  4. Reducing Technical Barriers in trade
  5. Building Customer’s Trust

Requirements for an LMPC Import License

Whether the company in the profession of importing products has the requirement to distribute and sell their products in a specific state only, then they need to acquire the LMPC Import License Registration by that respective state’s Controller. And if they are willing to distribute or sell more than one state, in this situation, the company needs to apply for registration to the Director at the Central Government, with the encouragement, of the Local authority.

Along with the addition of importing companies, the manufacturing companies and packaging companies of the pre-packaged products are also required to register for LMPC Importer License Registration.

Compulsory Documents needed for the Certification of LMPC Importer License Certification

Following are some essential documents needed for the Registration of LMPC Importer Licence Certification for the companies in possession of importation of pre-packaged products in India:-

  1. The manufacturing License, Trade License, Factory License, Lal Dora Certification from MCD or NDMC or DDA, etc.
  2. Suppose the applicant doesn’t acquire an MCD License. In that case, an affidavit must be submitted to secure the company's property area within verify zones and will not be required to be sealed or relocated in the future.
  3. Certification proof of GST/Sales Tax.
  4. The proprietors, or Directors or Partner’s Residential Address Proofs through Voters Cards, Adhaar Cards, Passports, etc.
  5. Company MOA (Memorandum of Association).
  6. The ingredients used for the packaging of the products, like labels & stickers, etc.
  7. In the case of Partnership firms, we need to submit a Partnership Deed.
  8. The Code of Importation and Exportation.
  9. Passport Size Photographs of all the partners, Directors, and proprietors of the Company that is to be combined of all the JPG image files into one JPG image file.

Following are some optional documents for the Registration of LMPC Importer License:-

  • Proof of Commercial area.
  • Receipt of offences for which challaned and whether it is compounded.

Procedure for the LMPC Import License Registration

After filling out the application and submitting of required documents along with the prescribed fee, the concerned LOM of the concerned Zone visits the areas of the applicants. Suppose the management of the firm is found according to the guidelines of the Department. In that case, they recommend the application for granting the license to the competent authority through the concerned zonal officer.

After that, the competent authority, after scrutinizing, grants its approval or rejection. Upon granting LMPC Importer License, the applicant receives automatic SMS and e-mail on the registered mobile number and email ID.

Then the applicant can print the LMPC Importer License Certification digitally signed by the competent authority online.

Exceptions for the Registration of LMPC Importer License

Following are the exception given below for the registration of LMPC Importer License for the companies in the profession of importation of pre-packaged products in India:- 

  1. If the weight of the packaged product is less than 10 grams or 10 millilitres.
  2. Packages of agricultural production that weigh more than 50 kg.
  3. Cooked fast foods are packaged in a restaurant or a hotel.
  4. Chemical formulations that fall under Drug (Price Control) Order, 1995.

According to chapter 2 of the Legal Metrology Act, 2009 is exempted for-

  1. Packages weighing more than 25 Kgs, with the exemption of cement and fertilizer packages that are sold in packages of approximately 50 Kgs.
  2. Packages of Industrial Consumers or Institutional Consumers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Legal metrology Packaged Commodity.

LMPC Importer License Certification validation period is a minimum of one year (12 months) and a maximum of five years (60 months).

Yes, as per rule 27 of Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity enacted by the Department of Consumer Affairs, companies must import pre-packaged products to India to get an LMPC Importer License Certification.

LMPC Importer License is compulsory for the objective of the Legal Metrology Department of India is to oversee the quality of the goods being imported.

The registration for the LMPC Importer License Certification must be applied within 90 days before the initiation process of importation of the pre-packaged products.

Advantages of LMPC Importer License Certification:

  • Reducing Transaction Cost
  • Promotion of importation of the production in India.
  • Taking Government Revenue
  • Reducing Technical Barriers in trade
  • Building Customer’s Trust.

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