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What is a Disclaimer?

A disclaimer is a declaration/notice notifying the user of any product or service of the likely consequences of the same. The law mandates the display of a disclaimer in certain cases, such as where there is an inherent risk of harm to one’s health, for example, the warnings displayed on cigarettes is a disclaimer, but are used usually in all product and service literature.

A disclaimer aids to clearly establish/limit one’s rights and liabilities regarding the user of a particular products or services. It is used in situations which involve an element of risk or uncertainty.

Advantages of a Disclaimer

1. Reduces Risk

Disclaimers protect the rights of both parties in any legally recognized relationship such as the one between a manufacturer and customer. A well-drafted disclaimer can go a long way in evading ambiguity and reducing legal risks.

2. Limits Liability

A disclaimer is usually used in circumstances including a certain element of risk or ambiguity. For such cases, a well-drafted disclaimer clearly summarizes the rights and liabilities of both parties.

Disclaimer Procedure


Once the information is received, work on the request and send it for review within 3 to 4 working days.


In case of any changes to the agreement extra two days are required to deliver final one.

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