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What is a Disclaimer Format?

A disclaimer is a declaration/notice notifying the user of any product or service of the likely consequences of the same. The law mandates the display of a disclaimer in certain cases, such as where there is an inherent risk of harm to one’s health, for example, the warnings displayed on cigarettes is a disclaimer, but are used usually in all product and service literature.

A disclaimer aids to clearly establish/limit one’s rights and liabilities regarding the user of a particular products or services. It is used in situations which involve an element of risk or uncertainty.

Advantages of a Disclaimer

  • Reduces Risk

    Disclaimers protect the rights of both parties in any legally recognized relationship such as the one between a manufacturer and customer. A well-drafted disclaimer can go a long way in evading ambiguity and reducing legal risks.

  • Limits Liability

    A disclaimer is usually used in circumstances including a certain element of risk or ambiguity. For such cases, a well-drafted disclaimer clearly summarizes the rights and liabilities of both parties.

Disclaimer Procedure

  • 3 to 4 WORKING DAYS

    Once the information is received, work on the request and send it for review within 3 to 4 working days.


    In case of any changes to the agreement extra two days are required to deliver final one.

Frequently Asked Questions

The term “Disclaimer Format” denotes a declaration or a notice that notifies the user regarding a product or service, together with its consequence.

Yes, it is mandatory to display of a disclaimer in certain cases, such as where there is an inherent risk of harm to one’s health.

A Disclaimer Format is used in the situation which involves an element of risk or uncertainty.

The two main advantages of a Disclaimer Format are that it reduces the risk of ambiguity and limits the liability of the parties involved.

Normally, a period of 3 to 4 is required to draft a Disclaimer Format.

The different types of Disclaimer Format are Errors and Omissions Disclaimer, Fair Use Disclaimer, Use at Your own risk Disclaimer, Views Expressed Disclaimer, Past Performance Disclaimer, Copyright Notice Disclaimer, Email Disclaimer, and Investment Disclaimer.

The key requirements for a Disclaimer Format are, identify the goods and services that one provide, consider the liability of the parties, determine the rights to be protected, and understand the limitation of a disclaimer.

The factors to consider while drafting a Disclaimer Format are Limited Liability, Protection of Rights, Third Party Responsibilities, Terms and Conditions, Statement of Privacy Policy, Contact Information, and Customer Awareness.

The term “Email Disclosure” means a disclaimer that lets the recipient know that the communication made is of confidential nature and only intends to address the recipient.

The term “Investment Disclosure” means a disclaimer that is used specifically for websites and provides information to support services.

The term “Copyright Notice Disclaimer” denotes a disclaimer that comprises of the author name, year of copyright, symbol, and the rights reserved for the copyright holder.

The term “Fair Use Disclaimer” denotes a disclaimer that falls under the ambit of the Fair Use Act.

The main aim behind the Fair Use Disclaimer is to protect the user against being accused for Copyright Infringement.

The term “Errors and Omissions Disclaimer” means the disclaimer that informs the user that the website might contain some inaccurate information, and it will not be held liable for any errors or mistakes.

The term “Use at Your Own Risk Disclaimer” denotes a disclaimer in which a company clarifies that it will not be held legally responsible for any content and the information shared on the website. Further, this disclaimer is common with applications and websites.

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