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Change Company Name

The name of the company can be changed any time after it gets incorporated. A company can change its name if there is a change in its business, ownership, management etc. Change company name will not have any impact on its existence. A company can change its name with the approval of shareholders in the general meeting & by making necessary filings with the ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Section Governing The Change Company Name

Section 13 read with rule 29 of Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014

The Company After Incorporation Can Change Company Name By Following Way

  • Conversion of name from private to public, or
  • Conversion of name from public to private, or
  • Change of name from (____) limited to (____) limited.

Change Company Name clause of the Company involves alteration of Memorandum of Association (hereinafter referred to as "Memorandum") of the Company. Section 13 of Companies Act 2013 regulates the process of amendment in Memorandum of Association is applicable to all companies.

Steps For Alteration In Name Clause Of Memorandum Of Association

Steps Work to be done
Call and hold Meeting of Board Director
  • Fix Day, Date, Time of Extraordinary General Meeting.
  • Place Draft Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting before Board.
Call Extra-Ordinary General Meeting:
  • Give At least 21 clear days notice of Extraordinary General Meeting along with explanatory statement through Electronic Mode or in Writing to:
  • All the Directors of Company.
  • All the Members of Company
  • Auditor of Company.
  • The notice shall specify the place, date, day and time of the meeting and others
Hold Extra-Ordinary General Meeting
  • Pass Special Resolution
  • Approval of Alteration in MOA & AOA.
Filling of e-Form with ROC:
  • E-form MGT-14 within 30 days of the passing of Special Resolution.
  • E-form INC-24 within 30 days of passing of Special Resolution
New Certificate of Incorporation After completing Above Procedure ROC will issue a New Certificate of Incorporation in form No. â€" 25. The name will be effective from the date of issue of Certificate.

Time taken

It takes approx 6 working days to complete the whole process to change company name.

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