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What Is Founders Agreement?

The written accord of all Founders is essential to approve any extra investment within the Company from any party, as well as Founder, and to issue any equity securities or rights convertible into the Company's equity to any party therein.

What needs to be covered in a Founders' Agreement?

In some ways, a founders' agreement is an outline of what is expected to come. It can include

  • Estimated and expected salaries
  • And all roles and responsibilities
  • A statement/declaration about the direction of the company
  • Founders share and eligibility terms

Advantages Of A Founders' Agreement

Clears the Air

Many matters tend to go undiscussed between co-founders. This agreement provides the first team members the chance to discuss these crucial matters, clearing any doubts and allowing for a better relationship.

Defines Roles

This provides members the chance to clarify their role within the company and also gives each or all founding member a better understanding of what the other founding members do.

Agreement Process Time

2 Working Days

It takes approx. 3 to 4 working days to make and deliver the founders agreement as per the client information received.

Working Process

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