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What is a Residential Rental Agreement?

The residential rental agreement is usually defined as a written document that exists between the owner of a property and a renter who desires to own temporary possession of the property of the landlord.

It sets out the foundations between landlords and tenants who conform to follow in their rental relationship. It's a legal contract that is choked with crucial business details, like how long the tenant will reside within the property and also the amount of rent due every month.

Types of Rental Agreement

11 Month Rental Agreement

One of the foremost common options which deal with getting into a property rental deal is that the prevalence of the eleven-month rental agreements. It is a comprehensive agreement, protecting the rights of each landlord.

But, residential rental agreement that is over twelve months has to be compelled to abide by strict rent management laws that are largely favorable to the tenants.

Transfer of Property

Also, the possession of the property gets transferred from the landlords to the tenants. Landlords don't value more highly to enter into rental agreements that are over twelve months as they are more in favor of tenant.

Advantages of a Residential Rental Agreement

Fosters smart Relations

Land lord and tenant is crucial to a decent account between the 2 parties.

Legal Protection

When a deal involves such an outsized quality, you would like a document in situ that gives legal protection just in case any action of the opposing party contradicts its terms.

Which Documents are Required for Residential Rental Agreement?

Documents For Rental Agreement

  • Mainly Aadhaar card and PAN card being valid proof shall be required of all parties (Landlord, Tenant and a pair of witnesses). If any other required document.
  • Time to deliver document.
  • We can deliver all of your documentation necessities in barely four working days.

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