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A copyright organization that stands up for the writers, composers, and publishers of musical works is called the Indian Performing Rights Society (IPRS). An IPRS licence is a legal document that enables the usage of musical works and guarantees that the creators of those songs are compensated financially for their contributions. Swarit Advisors' team of legal professionals offers comprehensive help to both people and companies in India that want to apply for an IPRS licence. We make sure that your application conforms with all the legal criteria and is completed quickly.

Eligibility Criteria for IPRS License

  • Individuals and businesses dealing with musical works are eligible to apply for an IPRS license.
  • The applicant should be an owner, author, composer, or publisher of musical works.
  • The applicant should have the necessary documentation and proof of ownership of the musical works.

Benefits of IPRS License

  • Assurance of payment and royalty for the use of musical works.
  • Increased recognition and credibility in the music business.
  • Access to a bigger market and more prospects for company.
  • Protection against unauthorized use and infringement of musical works.
  • Eligibility for government schemes and subsidies.

Required Documents for IPRS License

To safeguard the applicant's musical works and guarantee that the owner receives royalties for their works, the IPRS licence application must include certain papers. The following list includes some of the necessary paperwork:

  1. Application form: On the IPRS website or at the nearby IPRS office, you can find the application form for an IPRS licence. It needs to be properly completed and signed by the designated signer.
  2. Copy of the business registration: The applicant is required to submit a copy of the business registration certificate issued by the appropriate authorities.
  3. Proof of ownership of the musical works: A copyright registration or transfer deed, for example, are acceptable forms of ownership documentation that the applicant must present.
  4. Copy of the musical work: The applicant must provide a copy of the musical work for which the IPRS license is sought.
  5. Additional supporting documentation as necessary by the authorities: Depending on the nature and size of the firm, the authorities might need additional paperwork.

In order to prevent delays or rejections, ensure that all required documentation is in order and submitted with the application. Swarit Advisors' team of legal professionals can help with document preparation and review to ensure a quick and easy IPRS licence application procedure.

Process for IPRS License Application:

  • Initial consultation with our team of legal experts to understand the client's business and requirements.
  • Our team of legal specialists will prepare the application form and the required paperwork.
  • Submitting the client's application to the Indian Performing Rights Society (IPRS).
  • Verification and inspection of the business premises and facilities by IPRS officials.
  • If the application satisfies all conditions, IPRS will grant the licence in a predetermined amount of time.
  • When the application is inspected, our team will help to identify any anomalies and work to have them fixed before sending it back to IPRS for additional evaluation and verification.
  • Once the licence has been granted, our team will see to it that the client is informed of the licence's terms and conditions as well as any renewal obligations.
  • To provide a simple and hassle-free experience, our team of legal specialists will give the client regular updates and advice throughout the procedure.

Validity of IPRS License

IPRS License is valid for a period of one year from the date of issuance. It is essential to renew the license before its expiry to avoid any legal consequences.

Swarit Advisors Support

For people and enterprises involved in music and other artistic works, Swarit Advisors offers comprehensive assistance in obtaining an IPRS License. Our legal team makes sure that your application conforms with all relevant legal criteria and is completed quickly and effectively. We provide a wide range of services, including writing and reviewing the application, submitting it, inspecting, and verifying the business location and facilities, and providing legal advice for the duration of the licence. We strive to provide our clients with a hassle-free and simple approach by utilizing our in-depth expertise and experience in IPRS License. To arrange a meeting with one of our legal professionals and make sure your company is operating legally and safely, contact us right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

An IPRS License is a license granted by the Indian Performing Rights Society (IPRS) to use copyrighted musical works of its members for public performance or broadcast.

Any individual or organization that intends to use copyrighted musical works for public performance or broadcast in India must obtain an IPRS License.

The process to obtain an IPRS License involves submitting an application to the IPRS along with the required documents and paying the requisite fees.

The validity period of an IPRS License is generally one year from the date of issuance, unless otherwise specified.

Events such as concerts, live shows, weddings, parties, etc., and broadcasts such as TV shows, movies, radio shows, and online streaming platforms, require an IPRS License.

Using copyrighted music without obtaining an IPRS License is a violation of copyright laws and can result in legal action against the individual or organization responsible.

The fees for an IPRS License are determined based on various factors such as the type of event, the duration of the performance, the number of musical works to be used, and the size of the audience.

No, an IPRS License cannot be transferred or sub-licensed to another individual or organization.

Penalties for non-compliance with IPRS License terms and conditions can include legal action, fines, and/or imprisonment.

You can verify if an individual or organization has a valid IPRS License by checking the IPRS website or by contacting the IPRS directly.

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