How to Start a Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme (FMCS)

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An Overview of Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme (FMCS)

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) will operate the foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme (FMCS) since 2000 under BIS Act, 2016 and rules & regulations are framed there. Under FMCS, a License is granted to a Foreign Manufacturer to use Standard Mark on goods that conform to an Indian Standard. The Scheme is applicable for the grant of license for all goods except Electronic & IT Products advised by the Department of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY).

The license is granted by the Foreign Manufacturers Department (FMCD) located at BIS Headquarters, New Delhi. The goods that fulfil the requirement of the Indian Standard can get the License under voluntary or compulsory certification. BIS license allows for a location where the product is manufactured and tested according to the relevant Indian Standard, and then Standard Mark is applied to such products.

About Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme (FMCS)

FMCS is a scheme under which a BIS licence is granted to a foreign manufacturer by BIS Act, 2016 and BIS (Conformity Assessment) Regulation, 2018. The license allows for the products, which conform to relevant Indian Standards, and the Standard may be a compulsory or voluntary certification. BIS license to apply Standard Mark is granted for goods manufactured in manufacturing premises and obeys all the requirements that satisfy Indian standards.

Requirements for applying under FMCS?

The company should consider the following points before applying the foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme (FMCS):

  1. Ensure conformity of their products to applicable Indian Standards Specification (ISS).
  2. Have all manufacturing machinery and facilities at their factory premises.
  3. Have all arrangements and equipment in their factory premises to test the products according to applicable ISS.
  4. Have competent testing workers in their lab to test the products as per applicable ISS.
  5. Accept the Scheme of testing & inspection (STI) and annual Marking Fee.
  6. Accept the terms & Conditions of the Licence.

Note:- separate application must be submitted for each product and factory location.

Documents Required for Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme (FMCS)

The documents part under the FMCS BIS Certification scheme of BIS is quite simple as very recently BIS e-application system has been introduced to collect and maintain the records. Following are the significant documents that must be available with the applicant before initiating the project:

  1. Factory or company registration documents
  2. Flow chart of the manufacturing process
  3. Manufacturing capabilities in-house and also outsourcing agreement of manufacturing operation, if applicable
  4. Adequate facilities for testing
  5. Quality Control Parameters and their records
  6. Accept the Scheme of Testing & Inspection and Annual Marketing fee, laboratory product testing report and other information according to BIS conditions and so on. The list of documents is quite and can be obtained from BIS.

The procedure for granting of Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme (FMCS)

  1. Documentation before submission of Application:
  • Compile all required documents
  • Apply on with required documents to BIS and hardcopy to the FMCD department
  • BIS authority will verify the application
  1. Submission of BIS application & scrutiny by BIS:
  • In case any documents or test equipment or any other requirement is missing or incomplete, communication will be done by email with the applicant
  • Of the application if found acceptable in respect, it will be recorded
  • Acknowledgement Number will be a grant for future purpose
  1. Nomination of Auditor and Audit by BIS:
  • BIS Officer will organize a visit to the company premises of the applicant on the mutually agreed date
  • Remittance of inspection and Audit fee
  • BIS Officer will verify the manufacturing process and testing framework and also test the product in your in-house laboratory
  • BIS Officer will gather the sample, seal it and forward it for testing with an independent laboratory
  1. Sample testing in BIS Approved Lab:
  • Sample collected sent to BIS Approval Laboratory
  • BIS (FMCS) receive the test report
  • The application firm will pay changes for testing
  1. Grant of BIS license:
  • The satisfactory testing report of the auditor visited the factory area and the test report of the product received as per Indian Standards
  • The applicant will pay a license fee, advance minimum Marking fee and if any outstanding due
  • Letter for grant of a license issued.

Renewal of Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme (FMCS)

  • The Licence is granted initially for not less than 1 year and up to 2 years.
  • May consider the renewal of a licence for not less than 1 year and up to 5 years; it depends on whether the yearly licence fee and proceed minimum marking fee has been paid.
  • If the renewal application is required after the validity of the Licence, the application will be accompanied by a late fee of 5000/-

Renewal request shall contain:

  1. Fill in the “FORM-XII” for the renewal application.
  2. Month wise production detail, including complete consignees' addresses.
  3. Extended Performance Bank Guarantee for six months more than the validity of the Licence.
  4. Remittance of applicable marking fees.

How will SWARIT Advisors help you?

SWARIT Advisors will help you fill & drafting the application to obtain the Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme (FMCS) in India at a reasonable price. And if you have any questions related to the FMCS, do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the License scheme for a Foreign Manufacturer company that wants to obtain BIS License. The Scheme is for the product except for then Electronic and IT Products.

The application can be made in the forms & formats available under FMCS with all required documents demanded in the application. BIS is making a provision to apply online in due course of time.

Yes, the foreign manufacturer has to nominate an Indian resident as an Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) while applying.

For SAARC countries, the payment can be made in USD or IND, including GST. And for other countries, the payment shell is made in only USD.

The average time to obtain a license is generally 6 months from the date of receipt of the complete application process and in the recording. It may differ for reasons like delay in response to queries raised, organizing examination(s), transportation of samples, remittance of dues, etc.

No, under the FMCS scheme, the application shall be made by the Foreign manufacturer only.

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