How to Start a Fssai Registration in Hyderabad

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An Overview of Fssai Registration in Hyderabad

FSSAI registration is mandatory for all food businesses in India, including Hyderabad. FSSAI is a regulatory body that ensures the safety and quality of food products sold in the market. It is important to obtain FSSAI registration to avoid any legal consequences and to ensure that your food products are safe for consumption.

Criteria for Fssai Registration

  • Food business operator's name and contact details
  • Type of food business
  • Area of the food business
  • Details of the food products
  • Source of raw materials
  • List of food additives and ingredients used

Required Documents for Fssai Registration

  • Form A or Form B depending on the type of food business
  • Photo ID and address proof of the food business operator
  • Passport-size photograph of the food business operator
  • Proof of ownership or occupancy of the food business premises
  • List of food products to be manufactured or sold
  • Food safety management system plan

Process for Fssai Registration

  • Submit the required documents and application form to the FSSAI department
  • The FSSAI department will verify the documents and application
  • Once the application is approved, FSSAI registration will be granted

Validity of Fssai Registration

The validity of FSSAI registration varies from 1 to 5 years, depending on the type of registration obtained. It is important to renew the registration before the expiry date to avoid any legal consequences.

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