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Overview of FSSAI Registration in Uttar Pradesh

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is a self-governing body that is formulated under the provision of the FSS Act 2006. Further, it is mandatory for all the FBOs and the entities dealing in the Food related businesses to obtain FSSAI Registration from FSSAI. Furthermore, the process to obtain FSSAI License varies from one state to another, but on minute terms, i.e., FSSAI Registration in Uttar Pradesh will have some steps different from other states. Moreover, the term Food related businesses include those businesses engaged in Food Manufacturing, Food Processing, Food Packaging, and Food Distribution. It shall be significant to take into the record that even for the purpose of import or export of food product, there is a need to obtain FSSAI License on a compulsory basis.

Concept of Food Business Operator

The term FBO signifies a person or a business entity that carries out any operation concerning the production, manufacture, storage, packaging, distribution, and sale of food. Also, it includes import and export of food products, banquet halls with food catering services, and sale of food ingredients and additives.

Further, FBOs are responsible for complying with the provisions of the Act, and any rules and regulations applicable to FBOs.

Concept of FSSAI License

The term FSSAI License means a 14 digits numeric code, which is issued to the Food Business Operators (FBO) operating in India. This license number comprises of five parts, and each part specifies different details concerning the FBO, such as the assembling state and producer’s permit.

It is mandatory for all FBOs to mention the given FSSAI License Number on each label or food packages. All the FBOs operating in India need to specify the FSSAI License Number in the color inverse to the background color.

Reasons to Obtain FSSAI Registration in Uttar Pradesh

The reasons to obtain FSSAI Registration in Uttar Pradesh are as follows:

  • To Ensure that a Food Item satisfies the Quality Benchmarks specified by FSSAI;
  • To Minimise the events of Substandard Food Items;
  • To Increase the Responsibility and Accountability towards Customers;

Benefits of FSSAI Registration in Uttar Pradesh

The benefits of obtaining FSSAI Registration in Uttar Pradesh are as follows:

  • Establishes Brand Name

    Nowadays, consumers have become vigilant and conscious concerning the food quality. Therefore, a valid Food License will assist the business in increasing its customer base, which will directly result in the establishment of brand value and reputation in the market.

  • Expansion of Business

    FSSAI License offers more opportunities and growth prospects to FBOs at any geographic location.

  • Legal Benefit

    A valid FSSAI Certification provides the facility of legal enforcement in case of any non-compliance.

  • FSSAI Logo

    In India, an FSSAI Logo works as a mark of assurance that the said product is safe to consume.

Different Types of FSSAI License

In India, the different kinds of FSSAI License prevalent are as follows:

Different Types of FSSAI License
  • Basic FSSAI Registration

    All the business entities or persons, such as Petty Food Manufacturers, Retailers, Suppliers and Distributors require to obtain Basic FSSAI Registration. Also, all the businesses generating an annual income of up to Rs 12 lakhs requires to obtain this license as well.

  • State FSSAI License

    An FBO or Food Business Operator with annual turnover between Rs 12 lakhs and Rs 20 crores requires to acquire State FSSAI Registration.

    The said Annual Turnover Limit would be applicable on FSSAI State Trading License and FSSAI State Manufacturing License as well.

  • Central FSSAI License

    All the FBOs that are earning an Annual Turnover of Rs 20 crores or more need to obtain Central FSSAI Registration from FSSAI. The business dealing in either of the following requires to obtain this license as well:

    a) Food Supply at Government Offices;

    b) Import of Food Products;

    c) Export of Food Products;

Documents required for FSSAI License in Uttar Pradesh

The documents required to obtain FSSAI License in Uttar Pradesh are as follows:

Documents Required for FSSAI License in Uttar Pradesh
  • Duly filled application form for registration;
  • Address Proof;
  • Photo ID of the proposed directors;
  • Layout or Blueprint of the place of storage;
  • Manufacturing or Distribution facility;
  • Food Analysis Report from a government authorized lab;
  • Business Name;
  • Source of gathering Raw Materials;
  • No Objection Certificate from the landlord;

Procedure for FSSAI Registration in Uttar Pradesh

The steps involved in the process to obtain FSSAI Registration in Uttar Pradesh can be summarised as:

Procedure for FSSAI Registration in Uttar Pradesh
  • Visit the Official UP FSSAI Portal

    In the first step, the applicant requires to visit the official FSSAI portal at Uttar Pradesh FSSAI Portal.

  • Fill in the Registration Form

    In the next step, the said applicant needs to fill Form B for obtaining FSSAI Registration in Uttar Pradesh.

  • Annex the Required Documents

    Now, the applicant needs to annex the documents stated in Annexure 2, together with a self attested declaration and the receipt of the fee paid depending on the food category.

  • Mail the Application Form

    After properly filing the application form, the applicant needs to mail the same, together with the other prescribed documents to the concerned authority.

    In some cases, the licensing authority might demand additional documents as well. Also, if the applicant has filed an incomplete form, then, in that case, the authorities will revert the same within a period of 15 days and will give further 1 month time to complete it, else the same will be rejected.

  • Issuance of Application ID Number

    If the authorities are satisfied with the application form and documents submitted, then, in that case, an application ID number will be granted to the applicant, which can be used for future reference. It shall be significant to note that the authorities will grant the FSSAI Food License within 60 days, starting from the date of grant of Application ID number.

  • Premises Inspection

    After the issuance of application ID Number, the officer designated by the Licensing Authority will inspect the business premises. The same will be based on the guidelines and regulations set by FSSAI.

    In case of any disagreement, the appointed designated inspecting officer will take the necessary steps, based on the regulations. Also, in case of any change, the designated officer will issue a notice giving 30 days’ time to implement the same, starting from the date of issuance of notice.

  • Grant of License

    After being satisfied with all the conditions and inspection report, the Licensing Authority will issue the FSSAI License to the applicant in Format C under Schedule 2 of the regulations.

Validity of Food Safety License

The validity period of a Food Safety or FSSAI License ranges from a minimum period of one year to a maximum period of five years.

All the FBOs must apply for the renewal of FSSAI License 30 days prior to its expiry.

Exemption from Acquiring Food License

The FBOs who do need to obtain Food License as per the provisions of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 are as follows:

  • A Petty Manufacturer, who is engaged in preparing homemade food items for the business purpose;
  • Hawker;
  • Petty Retailer;
  • Small Scale FBOs;
  • Itinerant Vendor;
  • Temporary Stall Owner;
  • Cottage Food Industries.

FSSAI Registration Fees in UP

Manufacturer or Miller

Fee Charged per year

In the case of more than 1 million tons per day production

Rs 5000

In the case of 10001 to 50000 litres per day of milk or 501 to 2500 million tons of milk solids per annum

In the case of less than 1 million tons of production

Rs 3000

In the case of 501 to 10000 litres per day of milk or 2.5 million tons to 500 million tons of milk solids per annum

In the case of Hotels up to 4 star

Rs 5000

  1. All the food service providers, comprising of restaurants/ boarding houses, and clubs etc., which are serving food;
  2. Canteens (schools, offices, colleges, and institutions);
  3. Caterers;
  4. Banquet Halls with Food Catering provisions;
  5. Food Vendors, such as dabbawallas etc. and other;
  6. Food Business Operators;

Rs 2000

Frequently Asked Questions

An FSSAI License will remain valid for a maximum period of five years, starting from the date of issuance.

FSSAI is a 14 digits numeric code.

There is no need to obtain any FSSAI License by a Petty Retailer.

Yes, it is necessary to obtain Central FSSAI License for the import of food items in India.

The three different types of Food License prevalent in India are Basic FSSAI Registration, State FSSAI License, and Central FSAAI License.

Yes, it is mandatory for the Banquet Halls to obtain Central FSSAI License in India.

Yes, one can check the status of the FSSAI Registration Application Form by visiting the Official Website.

Yes, based on the provisions of the FSS Act 2006, hawkers are exempt from obtaining FSSAI License in India.

In India, a Food Caterer needs to obtain State FSSAI License of the respective state in which he/ she wants to commence its business operations.

FSSAI Logo is a mark printed on the food items, together with the License Number issued to the FBO.

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