How to Start a NGO Registration in Bihar

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Overview of NGO Registration in Bihar

Bihar is one of the critical states in the eastern forefront of India. It is densely populated, with most people still employed in the agriculture sector. The majority of the people reside in the rural areas of the state and do not have access to the benefits of urban development. The socio-economic situation of the state often forces its population to migrate to nearby states to search for better work opportunities. People in Bihar rely heavily on central and state government schemes for basic facilities such as sanitation, clean drinking water, education and a safe environment. And because of such reasons, people are eager for NGO registration in Bihar. NGOs in Bihar can lend a hand to the government for the upliftment of both social and economic conditions of the people in the state.

NGOs in Bihar help carry out numerous activities such as child education and welfare, women empowerment, setting up of old age homes, helping physically handicapped individuals, promoting social awareness, poverty alleviation, disaster relief programmes and attaining social justice. The NGO Registration in Bihar can be completed in three ways:

  • NGO as a trust under the Indian Trust Act
  • NGO as a Society under the Indian Societies Act
  • NFO as a Section 8 company under the Companies Act,2013

Need for NGO registration in Bihar

  • The Registration of NGOs in Bihar is necessary for entities because the registration of NGOs makes them obtain legal status. The registration enables the NGOs to interact with the government, members and donors independently.
  • A Registered NGO shall also be able to sign contracts and open a bank account under its name.
  • An NGO that has been registered is eligible for financial assistance from the government, donors, and local agencies.
  • NGO registration in Bihar can make your organisation eligible for Tax Exemptions under the Income Tax Act. (pls note: not all forms of NGOs shall be able to avail them)

Registration shall also let the NGO have perpetual succession. This means that the NGO shall continue to exist under this name and can only be dissolved through due process of law.

Types of NGOs in Bihar

There are three types of NGO registration in Bihar these are:

NGO Registration in Bihar as a Trust: Trust can be made into an NGO if they are "public Trusts". The Trust deed must mention that the purpose for creating trust is the public's welfare. It cannot be made to serve a particular group of individuals as in the case of a private trust. Usually, such trusts are created for long-term institutions such as education institutions, orphanages and old-age homes.

NGO Registration in Bihar as a Society: Societies are an organisation where the members volunteer to attain a common goal. Societies can be registered as NGOs.  Societies conduct an election to set up a managing committee. This body shall take the decisions for society. A society's operations must conform to the rules of the Societies Registration Act, 1860, along with the societies' Act of the state. Unlike a trust, the dissolution of an NGO registered as a society is possible.

NGO Registration in Bihar as aSection 8 company: The companies act 2013 states that a company registered as per section 8 of the Act can foster art, commerce, religion, charity, science or any other object. This is based on the condition that no profit should be distributed back to its members as a form of dividends, and every bit of it should be reinvested into the company to fulfil its objectives.

Documents Required for NGO registration in Bihar.

  • Memorandum of association of the organisation
  • Documents specifying the Bye-laws (in cases wherever applicable). This document must bear the signatures of the general secretary, president, and treasurer.
  • Documents mentioning the address of the registered office of the NGO
  • Identity and Address proof of the directors and other key members
  • A No objection certificate is to be obtained from the owner in case the building is leased or rented.

A character certificate signed by the Deputy Superintendent of Police.

Procedure for NGO registration in Bihar (online)

Step 1: Log on to the Official website for NGO registration in Bihar

To register your NGO in Bihar, you need to visit the government's official website.

Step 2: Click on the E-Services option.

Once on the website, navigate to the E-Services option present

Step 3: Select the option for registration

Go to the drop-down menu and click on your preferred type of NGO registration. There are two options under this menu usually, these are Firm or society registration.

Step 4: Registration

Now the applicant must click on the "click here for registration option."

Step 5: Create your user-ID

Fill in the relevant details in the portals, such as name and email address. Create a password and re-enter it to confirm. Provide your contact information, such as a mobile number. Lastly, fill in the captcha code.

Step 6: Generation of OTP

An OTP shall be sent to the cell phone number that is mentioned. Feed in this code in the space provided and select the create user option.

Step 7: Redirection to the Login Page

After the verification of the OTP, you will be redirected to the login page. Fill in details such as username and password. After this, you shall be logged in to the portal.

Step 8: Submission of Application for NGO Registration

The application for NGO registration shall be on the screen.

Step 9: Attach the Requisite Documents

The applicant must fill in the relevant information in the application and attach all the Documents as required by the portal.

Step 10: Payment of fees

After filling in the application, the entity must submit the form and pay the fees.

Step 11: Receiving the Application number

Once the entire application procedure is completed, the applicant will receive an Application number. When the Application number is received, NGO registration in Bihar is completed.

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