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An Overview of Patent Docketing

Patent Docketing is a method for managing the entire process of Patent application. Patent Docketing is an essential tool for Patent Law firms, as it can be rather difficult to organise the Patent application process for hundreds of Patent applications without some software/tool or system package to keep track of many deadlines & documents involved. Many big Patent Law firms employ docketing experts to manage the process of Patent Docketing. So basically, in short, Patent Docketing ensures that all the deadlines are met & all the documents are labelled and kept in the correct & proper file, so they can be retrieved when needed.

What is Virtual Patent Docketing?

This is also known as Remote IP Docketing or Managed IP Docketing, or Outsourced IP Docketing. In this method, a team of remote IP Docketers works at a fixed monthly cost. This method aids in dropping the costs of training, hiring, and maintaining the in-house IP Docketers team. Swarit Advisors is highly experienced in managing the docketing system remotely.

Uses of Patent Docketing

USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office) takes many years to grant a Patent. When there are a number of Patent applications, the Patent Docketing process aids in managing the Patent Prosecution process effectively. There are filing deadlines, drawings, forms, statements, and documents that must be tracked down. Patent Docketing makes sure that all the deadlines are met & all the documents are labelled and kept in the correct & proper file, so they can be retrieved when needed.

Insurance Requirements

Patent Law firms are truly required by their insurance companies to use Patent Docketing systems to prevent mismanagement suits when the law firm misses a filing data or causes a Patent application to be rejected or refused. While insurance needs this, it is safe to say that most Patent law firms need have to use two different docketing methods or systems so they can check that both are reliable with one another. In this matter, two docketers would be employed to enter details into the system and cross-examine one another.

Most insurance companies also require that Patent law firms use engagement & disentanglement letters. An engagement letter sets forth the approved-upon work to be conducted on behalf of the customer. It will also set up the payment terms and likely show what is due to the Patent Attorney in the event that the customer terminates the work in the middle. The engagement letter is not in a precise format, and it is completely up to the Patent law firm to decide how to format the engagement letter & how specific it be. It is most vital to have the letter duly signed by the customer so as to prevent malpractice or mismanagement suits in the future if the Patent application is refused by the USPTO.

If not all, Patent Law firms are the vital members of NAPP or the National Association of Patent Practitioners, which is a non-profit trade association. NAPP aids its members by giving information through emails & newsletters concerning the Patent industry. The forum itself is a way or method for Patent Law firms to refer to one another or discuss vital matters in the industry.

What is the Process of Patent Docketing?

Earlier, there was a lot of paperwork involved in Patent Law firms for the process of Patent application. Once a customer has hired the law firm to prepare & file the Patent application, a new portfolio should be recorded into the docketing system. The docketer should make sure that the information is specific & detailed. Hence, the name, contact details, industry types it serves, invention and other similar details of the client is entered into the Patent Portfolio. The legal fees due, client trust account number, legal fees paid & other filing fees related to the Patent application is to be included in the Patent Portfolio.

Next, the docketer will scan all the application copies, comprising other drawings & forms. As extra documents come in, the docketer will scan those forms and add them to the portfolio of the client. Depending on where the client is in the Patent application process, certain due dates & deadlines will be added in to make sure that the firm is well-aware of pending deadlines, filing fees coming due, etc.

Docketing Software

There is a lot of Patent Docketing Software available in the market, and all the docketing software aid in tracking or monitoring the deadlines, as well as managing the overall Patent Docketing process. Moreover, many software is tremendously intelligent. They automatically get a document feed from the USPTO & create the tasks for the attorneys. Moreover, some software is complex, and such complex software keeps an eye on the Patent application in multiple nations.

Frequently Asked Questions

This system is used by attorneys to prepare them for upcoming filing deadlines & statutes of limitations on particular legal actions, cases, and motions.

It is the process of tracking deadlines concerning the prosecution of Copyrights, Trademarks, and Patents before their respective governing offices.

A docketing expert works in a law firm that concentrates on Patents for IP or more general litigation cases.

The primary purpose of docketing is to alert attorneys & paralegals of future deadlines.

A docket Fee means a sum of money charged by a court for placing a case on its docket or calendar.

Patent Docketing is a method for managing the entire process of Patent application.

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