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What is Patent Search?

A Patent is granted to an inventor for an unique or innovative idea or an invention. The patent is a set of exclusive rights which are granted the inventor. This comes under intellectual property right. It is granted to the inventor by the government for a particular time period and a particular territory. By giving a disclosure to the public by the inventor about an invention, it helps in excluding the invention from groom being used by others.

Advantages of getting Patent

  • It gives exclusive right to use the invention. And protects the invention from being used in any form by others.
  • It allows the inventor to keep the competitors at bay for a particular period.
  • It allows you to give license or assignment of your patent, which becomes the main source of income for your business and investment.

In SPA, the purchase & sale section should match the terms stipulated on the letter of intent. The representations and warranties need to be fully scrutinized to ensure that there is no untrue statement. In case later found out that representations & warranties were untrue then it can attract potential legal action.

Patent Search

To search for patent is quite a difficult task. It is very common for people to do a patent search and find nothing related to it. Investors and entrepreneurs generally do their own patent search and find nothing while there is already patent available. So, it is advisable to get your patent search done by a professional. Getting search done by a professional has its own advantage, as they find the patient very easily.

While doing your own patent search you need to keep few points in mind and also know about few free patent search tools as well. If you are doing the search by yourself you should visitipindiaservices.gov.in, intellectual property website of the Indian government. You can find lots of stuff there only for free.

You need to visit the website, click on patent search option, fill all the required details and submit the form. You will get the information about all the registered patent there.

Although you can do your own patent search, it is always advisable to get it done by professions, as they know the exact right keywords to search the patent and they know what you exactly need.

At ___________ we can help you do your patent search, you just have to fill a simple format our website, leave your name, Contact no. & email id. We will assist you in doing your patent search.

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