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An Overview of PSARA License in Bangalore

The capital city of the Indian state of Karnataka is Bangalore, which is also known as Bengaluru. Many of India's top software companies and startups call it the Silicon Valley of India. Its pleasant weather, beautiful parks, and vibrant nightlife are what Bangalore is also famous for.Security agencies operating in Bangalore must have the PSARA license as a mandatory requirement. Private security agencies must comply with legal requirements such as minimum wages, working hours, and other statutory regulations, which are ensured by the PSARA license. Maintaining safety and security is imperative in Bangalore, as it attracts a large number of corporates and businesses as the hub of India's IT industry. Licensed and reliable private security agencies operating in Bangalore are ensured by the PSARA license, providing a sense of safety and security to its residents and businesses.Private security companies in Bangalore may make sure that they operate lawfully and in accordance with all applicable requirements by obtaining the PSARA license.

Criteria for PSARA License in Bangalore

  1. Regarding the nature of the business entity

You can apply for a PSARA license using the following corporate structures:

  1. Regarding the roles and responsibilities of a Director/Principal Officer

The PSARA Act has established specified requirements for anybody wishing to hold the position of director or principal officer:

  • The person must not have a criminal history.
  • In terms of age, a person shouldn't be a minor.
  • Person must be a citizen of India.
  • To cover business expenses, an individual needs to have enough financial resources.
  1. Regarding the roles and responsibilities of a security guard
  • The person shouldn't be under 18 years old or older than 65.
  • The applicant must be an Indian citizen.
  • The candidate must have a flawless service history free of any terminations.
  • The individual should display appropriate behaviour.
  • A character certificate from a prior employer is required.

Benefits of obtaining a PSARA License in Bangalore:

Getting a PSARA License can be very beneficial. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Increases the credibility of the agency.
  • Helps in attracting more potential clients.
  • Assists in gaining the client’s trust.
  • Avoid any denying rights.
  • Demonstrates that the organization is effective and efficient.

Documents required for PSARA License in Bangalore

These are the documents required for the PSARA License application:

  • Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  • GST Identification Number (GSTIN)
  • Registration under Labour Act
  • Registration under Shops and Establishment
  • Provident Fund Registration
  • Employee State Insurance Corporation Registration (ESIC)
  • Identification evidence for both the directors and the personnel
  • Copies of the Directors' IT returns
  • PANs and two passport-sized photographs of the promoters
  • Address proof of agency office
  • Affidavit under section 7(2) of PSARA Act of 2005
  • Signed MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the training facility recommended by the relevant authority.
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Security training affidavit

Process of PSARA License in Bangalore

The process of obtaining a PSARA License is simplified by our team in a few simple steps. The steps are as followed:

  1. Set up the necessary documentation:

The applicant should gather and organize every necessary document for the application process. Documents pertaining to registration, the identities of the directors, and the promoters must be in legitimate and approved formats. Once the necessary documents are organized, the application can be submitted digitally on the official portal with a digital signature.

  1. Sign a Memorandum of Understanding with an accredited training centre:

A certified training institute in Bangalore must be selected by the applicant to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). You can find the list of qualifying institutions on the official government portal. The selected candidates will receive the necessary training from these institutes.

  1. The standard application must be filed:

After engaging in an MOU, the applicant should submit Form-I to the authorities of Karnataka state. Form-II (application for antecedent verification) needs to be attested for the form. An affidavit in Form-III must accompany the submission of Form-I.

  1. Complete the necessary formalities for the police verification:

To initiate the police verification process, the submission of Form I is required at this stage by the applicant. If the agency is a company or partnership, the nominated directors must always undergo police verification.

  1. PSARA Licence is granted:

The application will be scrutinized by the relevant authority if it is attested by the NOC from the police following verification, and it will then be decided whether to grant the license in form-IV or reject it in the event of a default. This license is typically granted by the authority 60 days after the application is submitted.

  1. Appointment of Supervisors:

To comply with the PSARA, 2005, applicants are required to designate supervisors. It is the responsibility of the supervisors to oversee the security guards' work as it relates to the agency's operations. At least three years of experience in the defense services is required for supervisors appointed.

The process of obtaining a PSARA license in Bangalore follows the same steps as in any other state in India, with the only difference being the state authority where the application is submitted.

Validity of PSARA License in Bangalore

The PSARA license issued in Bangalore is valid for a period of five years from the date of issuance. You must submit Psara license renewal applications 45 days prior to the expiration of the license. A new application is necessary when the license expires. The licensee must apply for license renewal before the license's expiry date once this period has expired. To renew the license, the licensee must fulfill all the conditions set by the state authority, which is similar to the process of applying for the license initially. Ensuring the timely renewal of the license is crucial to avoid legal complications and ensure uninterrupted functioning of the private security business.

Swarit Advisors support

The incorporation process is much trickier than it first appears. Since submitting an application or uploading papers takes time and effort, take care to avoid any loose ends. If you don't have enough time or are unfamiliar with the relevant compliances for registration, you can alternatively choose to use Swarit Advisors' services.

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