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Overview of PSARA License in Mumbai

Mumbai, India’s financial hub, has a strong private security business because of its high population density and diversified economic activities. Private security firms in Mumbai must obtain a Private Security Agencies Regulation Act (PSARA) License in order to operate legally. This License assures that private security services follow government rules and provide a particular level of service to their clients. Private security companies who do not have a PSARA License risk facing legal implications and having trouble attracting clients that require Licensed services. To give training to security guards and services linked to security guards in accordance with the PSARA License, security organisations must have a permit or License from the government. A private security company can be established by any type of business unit, and this License can be requested. Private security firms are the ones who send security guards to specified commercial spaces, any commercial spaces, or even for personal security. Every private security company must obtain a PSARA License since it is necessary and even mandated.

Criteria for PSARA License in Mumbai

The eligibility criteria for PSARA License with respect to Security officers, Directors and businesses are as follows:

  • Any business, including an LLP, a sole proprietorship, or a partnership firm, can establish a private security agency in India.
  • Only Indian citizens are eligible to apply for a PSARA License. The individual should also declare a major.
  • A person who wants to launch a private security agency should be in a strong financial position to manage the business.
  • The person should not have any criminal history.
  • The licensee must present a good character certificate from a prior workplace.
  • The License holder ought not to conduct business with anyone or any organisation that the government has banned.
  • According to the PSARA Act, a security guard must have a training certificate and meet certain physical requirements.

Documents required for PSARA License in Mumbai

  • Articles of Association (AoA) and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) of the company
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN) and identity proof like Adhaar card of the partners
  • If necessary, the directors’ educational background
  • Complete picture of the security guard who applies for a License
  • Agency’s aim in a detailed form
  • Address proof of the registered office
  • Directors need to submit their affidavits
  • Provident fund registration certificate is also required

Benefits of Obtaining a PSARA License in Mumbai

  • Increased goodwill: A customer would undoubtedly use the services of a company that holds this kind of License. Because of this License, the private security company's reputation is better.
  • Adherence to law: The agency’s compliance with the law is ensured by obtaining this License.
  • Increased credibility:As the goodwill of the organisation increases, so does the credibility of the organisation rise.
  • Promoting effective function: PSARA License ensures that the organisation is working efficiently and effectively.
  • Providing training of employees:The company would be able to offer training-based facilities to all securities of private securities agencies if it were to successfully obtain this License.

Process of PSARA License in Mumbai

The process of obtaining PSARA License is not so complex procedure. The process is explained in few simple points given below:

  1. Obtaining all necessary documentation: The very first step of registration is gathering and obtaining all the relevant documents required for application process.
  2. Signing the Memorandum of Understanding with training facility: The candidates must sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a training organisation or institute that has been authorised by the state with controlling jurisdiction in order to train security guards. Because of this, every state has perceived various security-related establishments.
  3. Verification by the relevant police station: The candidate submits a Form I application for police confirmation, and if the candidate is a company, organisation, or has another type of relationship with another person, a separate check structure will be requested for each employee, partner, or supervisor.
  4. Filing of the application: The PSARA application is submitted and documented before the PSARA controlling authority, who then prepares it for review. The supervising authority may either grant the License or deny it with justification after receiving the NOC from the relevant Police specialists.
  5. Issuance PSARA License: The authority will review the application in cases when it is accompanied by a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the police following verification before deciding whether to award the PSARA License in Form-IV or refuse it, depending on the circumstances.

A smooth registration process can be achieved by following the above-mentioned points.

Swarit Advisors support

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