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An Overview of Trademark Registration in Agra

A Trademark is an Intellectual Property (IP) that comprises a recognisable symbol, word, logo, or sign that represent a brand and differentiates one brand from the other. Simply, it’s a unique identity of a brand. Brand identities are very important for a business to survive or compete in the market. Agra is a big market with a lot of competitions and start-ups, which makes it difficult for your business or company to stand out in the market. Here, Trademark Registration in Agra service by Swarit Advisors comes to the save.

We at Swarit Advisors assist you to obtain your Trademark Registration in Agra in a few easy & simple steps and in minimal time. Our professional team has many years of experience in this area, we know how the market runs and different legal things to remember for your business; by getting Trademark Registration in Agra, you get exclusive rights of your brand name or logo, and you can run your business effortlessly.

Benefits of Trademark Registration in Agra

Following are some vital benefits of Trademark Registration in Agra:
  • Legal Protection: If you have a business in Agra, the market is highly competitive, and you need to be legally vital to safeguard your brand. Here comes Trademark Registration in Agra which makes you the legal brand owner, and no one can use your logo without permission.
  • Distinctive Identity: Trademark Registration in Agra gives your logo or brand a distinct identity that boosts your brand value in the market.
  • Brand Value It builds trust and increases your goodwill as a registered and known brand that the consumers can easily trust.
  • Trademark as an Asset: Registered Trademark can act as an asset as the Trademark owner can quickly franchise, sell, or allow it on a contract basis to another party. It creates a type of Intellectual Property (IP) for the same.

Who can obtain a Trademark Registration in Agra?

Any legal entity or individual can apply for Trademark Registration in Agra to safeguard their products or services. The Trademark application has to be filed mentioning the Trademark, Name & detailed address of the applicant, and the agent and PoA (Power of Attorney).

Following are some legal entities entitled for Trademark Registration in Agra:
  • Joint owners;
  • Partnership Firm;
  • Proprietorship Firm;
  • LLP (Limited Liability Partnership);
  • Trust/Society;
  • An Individual;
  • Indian Company.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration in Agra

Following are some vital documents for Trademark Registration in Agra: Documents for Individuals and Sole Proprietorship:
  • Copy of the logo, if the logo is not provided, the application can be filed for the name;
  • Submit duly-signed Form-48;
  • ID proof of the proprietor or individual;
  • Address proof of the proprietor or individual.
Documents for LLP, Partnership, Start-up, and Small Enterprise:
  • Copy of Logo (optional);
  • Signed Form-48;
  • Address & ID proof of Signatory;
  • Udyog Aadhar Registration Certificate;
  • Partnership Deed/Incorporation Certificate.

Procedure for Trademark Registration in Agra

  • Step 1: The first and essential step in Trademark Registration is Trademark Search. Our team will help you in conducting a detailed Trademark Search using the tool to find the mark across classes.
  • Step 2: After the above step, the next step is filing a Trademark application by the Trademark Attorney. Form 48 and TM 1 are prepared for approval & the applicant is required to sign this.
  • Step 3: Then, you have to fill fee for Trademark Registration in Agra.
  • Step 4: After that, the Government processes the application, it is vital to regularly check the Trademark application status. In case of any Trademark Objection, a reply must be submitted within thirty days by the applicant. Our team will help you with this.

Renewal of Trademark Registration in Agra

Trademarks should be renewed once every 10 years. Our professional teams will help you track renewal deadlines, draft instruction letters, & forwarding it to the departments to ensure that your Trademark is yours. We safeguard your Trademark from being violated at all times by monitoring Trademark Journals, Trademark Opposition and taking the correct steps in case a similar Trademark makes an appearance.

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