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An Overview of Trademark Registration in Bangalore

As you already know that Bangalore is a Silicon Valley of India, and in Bangalore, there are a lot of start-ups which was born from small start-ups to billion-dollar start-ups. So, Trademark Registration is vital for such billion-dollar start-ups to expand their business. According to the Trade Marks Act, 1999, you can register a Trademark in Bangalore. Having a Trademark allows the brand owner to have exclusive rights over all entities of your brand by restricting others from using the same brand mark or logo. Trademark Registration in Bangalore ensures that all the efforts and hard works that you put into the branding & content of your brand does not end up being wrongfully or illegally used by any unauthorised person.

The process of Trademark Registration in Bangalore has been adapting to new changes or alterations over the years & welcomed a pack of new arenas in the Trademark Registration, be it a particular recipe, sound, or smell; it can now be registered as your Trademark too. You get to obtain your Trademark Registration in Bangalore with in a hassle-free manner, and you will get professionals, or experts support from our team throughout the entire process of Trademark Registration in Bangalore.

Who is Eligible for Trademark Registration in Bangalore?

Any individual or business entity claiming to be the brand owner or image can apply for the Trademark Registration in Bangalore. The application for Trademark Registration in Bangalore should accompany the Trademark to be registered, service or product details, details of the applicant such as full name & address, Power of Attorney for appointing agent (if any), the period for which the Trademark is to be used and a duly–signed form. The Trademark application form and other vital details are either in English or Hindi.

Vital Documents Required for Trademark Registration in Bangalore

Following are some essential documents required for Trademark Registration in Bangalore:
  • Identity Proof of Applicant: Submit PAN Card and Address Proof (latest utility bills). If the applicant is a company, then submit a Certificate of Registration.
  • Logo & Brand Name: The logo must contain the name of the brand that will be registered.
  • User Affidavit: Submit the affidavit of the applicant with true statements.
  • Proof of TM Use: The applicant has to claim particular user data like invoice copies, Registration Certificate etc., along with the brand name.
  • MSME or Start-up Recognition: Other than individuals such as Partnership Firm, Body Corporate, etc., have to submit a Registration Certificate under MSME or start-ups to get 50% on the Government Fees.
  • Duly-Signed Form TM-48: It is compulsory to submit a signed TM-48 form to file the Trademark on behalf of the Registry. For the signature, the Trademark Attorneys are preparing this.

Process of Trademark Registration in Bangalore

  • Step 1: Trademark Search:

    This is the most vital step before applying for Trademark Registration in Bangalore because during the registration, we have to find that already same brand name or identical brand name is registered or not.

  • Step 2: Filing of Trademark Application:

    We can file your Trademark Application online in a proper manner. For the online process, we prepare the application online; then, we have to file in a prescribed manner and file along with the fees for Trademark Registration. For that, you can contact; our professional team will help you in this entire process.

  • Step 3: Examination of Application:

    After filing a Trademark Application, the Trademark Registry will examine the application and issue examination reports.

  • Step 4: Publication of the Trademark:

    After examination reports, if there is no such issue, then they will publish the brand name or Trademark in the Trademark Journals.

  • Step 5: Issuance of Trademark Certificate:

    If there are no objections or oppositions, then the Trademark Registration Certificate & Trademark Manuscript will be prepared & sent to the Trademark applicant. Once the Registration Certificate is issued, the Trademark is considered to be a registered Trademark, granting the owner exclusive use of the mark. The R symbol can now be used next to the Trademark or logo.

Trademark Renewal

The validity of a registered Trademark is for ten years, and it can be renewed further. Non-renewal can result in the removal of the Trademark from the Trademark Register. Our professionals proactively track your renewal deadlines, draft letters & forward them to the proposed departments to ensure that your ownership is yours to own.

Swarit Advisors protect your Trademark from being infringed by monitoring opposition, Trademark Journals, and taking the correct steps if an identical Trademark makes an appearance.

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