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An Overview of Trademark Registration in Delhi

Any individual or a company/organisation can apply for Trademark Registration in Delhi; even foreign entities or nations can also apply for Trademark Registration in Delhi. Trademark Registration in Delhi permits the candidate to use logos, symbols, or words to represent a business or the products that they provide by the competitors. Once the Trademark is registered in Delhi, no other company or organisation can use the same Trademark as long as it remains in use.

Once the Trademark is registered, the owner can use the TM symbol with the brand. However, Trademark Registration is not compulsory, but it's always good to get your Trademark registered under the guidance of a professional team as the registration process has various steps to be followed, and it requires regular follow-ups from the Government.

Who is Entitled to Get Trademark Registration in Delhi?

The following are eligible for getting Trademark Registration in Delhi:
  1. An Individual or Person: A person or an individual who not doing any business in Delhi can also apply and obtain Trademark Registration for a symbol, word, or name that is concerned to be used by the owner in the future.
  2. LLP (Limited Liability Partnership): In this case, the Trademark application should be in the name of the Limited Liability Partnership. It’s an incorporated body where the partners have their identity. The partners cannot be the candidate as the Trademark belongs to the Limited Liability Partnership.
  3. Partnership Firm: In this case, the names of all the partners should be mentioned in the Trademark application.
  4. Proprietorship Firms: While Filing an application for Trademark Registration in Delhi for a Proprietorship Firm, then the applicant's full name should be mentioned. The Proprietorship or business name is not acceptable.
  5. Foreign Company: In this case, if a foreign company is making a Trademark application in Delhi, the Trademark application is to be made in the name of the corporate as it is registered under the foreign nation.
  6. Trust or Society: In case an application is made on behalf of the society/trust, the name of the managing trustee or the secretary or the chairman representing the society/trust is to be mentioned.

Importance of Trademark Registration in Delhi

Trademark Registration in Delhi is vital for a business or company because:
  1. It shows your distinctive identity;
  2. It’s an asset in itself;
  3. It prevents illegal usage of your brand’s identity;
  4. It helps you build loyalty & trust among your clients;
  5. It provides statutory protection for your brand’s identity.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration in Delhi

Following are vital documents required for Trademark Registration in Delhi:
  • Type of Business;
  • Objectives of business;
  • Full name of the applicant;
  • Registration address;
  • Logo/name/brand/slogan/word;
  • Duly signed Form-48;
  • Identification proof of the signatory;
  • Signatory’s address proof;
  • Business proof (depends on the business type);
  • Udyog Aadhar or MSME Registration Certificate (optional).

How to Obtain Trademark Registration in Delhi with Swarit Advisors?

The online process of Trademark Registration is more complicated than it looks. It involves various processes and government follow-up. Swarit Advisors has made it easier for you by categorising into three different parts and doing the majority of the work. Below is the process of Trademark Registration in Delhi:

  1. Trademark Search: Once you provide us with your basic details regarding what you want to the Trademark and what type of industry or business you work in, our professional team will do a detailed search across the Trademark Database. This is for checking whether the mark or logo you want to register is available or not.
  2. Selection of Trademark Class and Document Collection: After step 1, the next step is to choose the suitable Trademark class(es) for your company or business. You don't have to worry; our professional team will help you choose the correct classes to cover all your company or business factors. At the same time, you can begin uploading all the relevant documents as mentioned above for Trademark Registration.
  3. Filing Trademark Application: Once you upload all the relevant documents, our professional team will proceed to examine them. Then the application for Trademark Registration will be filled on your behalf and submitted with all the documents. Our team will make sure that your Trademark application is correct and error-free. Our experts will give you regular updates throughout the registration process, and watch out for any notifications from the Registry of Trademark until the Trademark Registration is complete. You can now start using the TM symbol as the Trademark application has been submitted.
  4. Trademark Objection (in some cases): Sometimes, the Trademark examiner might have some questions regarding your Trademark application. This is sent to you like a notice of Trademark Objection, and you need to reply within thirty days. Our professional team can give a strong response and guide you in submitting the correct documents & proofs.
  5. Trademark Opposition (in some instances): There is also a possibility for a 3rd party to oppose your Trademark application. In that instance, you have to submit a counter-statement to the Registrar within two months, declaring why the opposition is not valid or appropriate. Based on your reply, the Trademark Registrar may either dismiss the call or opposition for a hearing.
  6. Trademark Registration: If there are no oppositions or objections, only the Trademark Registration will be issued & prepared. Only after the Certificate is issued and Trademark is considered to be registered, granting the owner or holder some exclusive rights. The R symbol can now be placed on the logo, name or Trademark.

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