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An Overview of Trademark Registration in Haryana

As you know that Haryana shares its border with Delhi and it’s a fats progressing & wealthy state of India along with the huge contribution to the country’s GDP every year. The economy of Haryana is well-developed both in the industrial and agricultural sectors. Haryana is also well-known country-wide for its industries in the automobiles sector, textile industries, milk & milk products, real estate, paper & plywood, manufacturing industries, and IT companies. Therefore, it is vital to obtain Trademark Registration in Rajasthan.

Trademarks relating to all Trademark Classes are expertly served by our effective and reputed services for Trademark Registration in Haryana. To help and encourage the global business of people and entities established in Haryana, we also offer services for International Trademark Registration under the TRIPS Agreement, Madrid Protocol, Berne & Paris Convention, and the European Community Trademark. The national Trademark Registration on behalf of the company, persons engaged in various sectors are conducted under the Trademarks Act, 1999 and Trademarks Rules, 2002 with the primary support & guidance.

Benefits of Getting a Trademark Registration in Haryana

Following are the benefits of Trademark Registration in Haryana:

  1. Creates Distinctive Identity: It becomes crucial to surpass others when dealing in a competitive line of business. One can easily leave a good impression of its brand via a distinct logo that conveys the vision and other attributes of its organisation. One of the most significant benefits of Trademark Registration in Haryana is that it simplifies for prospective customers to find out your brand. It also makes your products different from others.
  2. Protects against Infringement: An owner of a registered Trademark can take a sigh of relief as no other individual can utilise their brand logo. If anyone misuses a registered Trademark without the owner's consent, the owner can sue under the Trade Marks Act.
  3. Builds Reputation of a Brand: A Trademark Registration certifies the products and emphasises the brand's goodwill. Hence, it aids to gain the customers' trust and increase their dependability on a specific brand.
  4. Gives Exclusive Rights: A registered Trademark gives an exclusive right to the owner to utilise the same mark for each category of items or products that comes under the class submitted for a Trademark application. The owner harbours the sole authority of a Trademark and prevents others from using Trademark under the same class wherein it is registered.

Who is Eligible for Trademark Registration in Haryana?

Any individual or legal entity can apply for Trademark Registration in Haryana to safeguard their product/service. The Trademark application has to be filed mentioning the name and address of the applicant along with the Power of Attorney and agent.

Following are the entities eligible for Trademark Registration:

  • Joint owners;
  • Proprietorship Firm;
  • LLP;
  • Indian company;
  • Trust or Society;
  • An individual;
  • Partnership Firm.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration in Haryana

Following are the list of all the vital documents required for Trademark Registration in Haryana:

  1. PAN Card of the applicant;
  2. Address proof of the applicant;
  3. In case of claim of a particular user date, submit user affidavit;
  4. A signed Form TM-48;
  5. Certificate of Incorporation(COI) in case of a company or LLP wants to register a mark;
  6. Logo (if applicable);
  7. Copy of Power of Attorney, signed by the applicant on stamp paper.

Procedure for Online Trademark Registration in Haryana

  1. Application Form Fill up and Document Submission: First, you have to provide basic details and submit the required documents and select an appropriate Trademark Class; and then, we will run availability checks on your Trademark & Search.
  2. Drafting and Preparation: After the above step, our team will draft all your documents & prepare for filing the application.
  3. Submission of Trademark Application: After filing and drafting the application and documents, submit them to the Trademark Registrar, then the Registrar will examine the application and documents. If he or she is satisfied, they will publish the application in the Trademark Journal. If there is no opposition within the prescribed, then it will be successfully registered.
  4. Issuance of Certificate: Once all the steps are completed, the Registrar will issue the Trademark Registration Certificate.

Validity of Trademark Registration in Haryana

After the registration, the Trademark is valid for ten years from the date of filing the application. For the renewal, a company can file a request for the renewal before the expiration date of the last Trademark Registration. It is vital to renew the Trademark every ten years.

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