How to Start a Trademark Registration in Hyderabad

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An Overview of Trademark Registration in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the biggest city of Telangana, and it hosts different manufacturing sector and service sector companies that are running in & around Hyderabad. If you are preparing to obtain Trademark Registration in Hyderabad for your start-up or business logo in Hyderabad, you can contact Swarit Advisors; our team of professionals will help you in the entire process of Trademark Registration in Hyderabad. Trademark Registration in Hyderabad can be attained by any individual/legal entity. Trademark is deemed to be an asset for the company. Therefore, it is crucial to obtain Trademark Registration to create a novel identity for the company or business in the market.

Purpose for Trademark Registration in Hyderabad

  • Trademark shows the reliability in product or service quality;
  • Trademark is given recognition to the product that is goods & services or the business;
  • Trademark creates the trust in the customers' mind about the product or service, and such trust leads to repeat business & thus loyalty;
  • Trademark also enables an affinity of customers towards the business, which leads to further referrals and contribution to overall profitability.

Who can File a Trademark Application?

Any legal entity or person can apply for the Trademark Registration in Hyderabad. The Trademark application should accompany the Trademark to be registered, good or service details, particulars of the candidate such as name, address, Power of Attorney (if any), time for which the Trademark is to be used and the duly-signed form.

Benefits of Trademark Registration in Hyderabad

Following are some important benefits of Trademark Registration in Hyderabad:
  • Protection against unfair Competition: Nowadays, the marketplace is filled with fraudsters and counterfeiters who exploit dishonestly used brand logos or names for their benefits. So, a registered Trademark is an effective prevention against unfair competition.
  • Helps in Advertising: It is an essential step in kick-starting the process of branding your products or services. A Trademark aids your customers to differentiate your brand from the others & give it some authenticity also.
  • Trademark is an Asset: Trademark Registration creates a face of the company or business of the products & services. This helps to differentiate and facilitate brand creation. Most businesses or companies find their identity through Trademark; hence it plays an essential role in promoting and increases the brand value.
  • Differentiates Products: Once you register the Trademark, then you have the power to sell, copy, transfer or franchise it because it becomes your asset. This will bring the owner of the company a lot of advantages.
  • Brand Protection under Law: Getting legal protection in case of Trademark Infringement or any other illegal activities involving your brand name without your permission can only be possible once you register your Trademark.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration in Hyderabad

Following are some vital documents for Trademark Registration:
  • PAN Card of the applicant;.
  • Address Proof of the applicant;
  • Copy of logo (must contain the brand name) applied for the registration;
  • Submit user affidavit, if the claim of a specific user date;
  • Specification of products & services to register;
  • Applicant must sign the POA (Power of Attorney);
  • Power of Attorney signed by the applicant.
  • If a Trademark has been already in use before, mention the date also.
  • Signed Form TM-48;
  • Start-up Recognition Certificate, MSME, to get up to 50% concession on the Government Fees.

Procedure for Trademark Registration in Hyderabad

Following is the procedure for Trademark Registration in Hyderabad:
  • Step 1: Trademark Search:

    Before applying for Trademark Registration, the first step is to conduct a Trademark Search. Our professional team help you in conducting a thorough Trademark Search using the tool to find out the mark across Trademark Classes.

  • Step 2: Making of Trademark Application:

    After step 1, this step involves making a Trademark Application by the Trademark Attorney. Form-48 and TM1 are prepared for approval, and the applicant must sign these forms.

  • Step 3: Submit Documents & Fees:

    After filing the application, you have to submit all the vital documents as we mentioned above, along with the prescribed fees.

  • Step 4

    Once the Trademark application is filed and the Government is processing or examining it, it is crucial to check the Trademark Application Status frequently. In case of any Trademark Objection, a reply should be filed within thirty days by the applicant; our experts will help you in this.

  • Step 5: Trademark Renewal:

    The Trademark is renewed every ten years, and it will ensure the protection of your brand reputation unendingly.

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