How to Start a Trademark Registration in Manipur

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An Overview of Trademark Registration in Manipur

Manipur is a state full of natural beauty that attracts people all over the world. It is also a zone of cottage industry, where people are dealing with handlooms & handicrafts works. Most of the skilled weavers designed a world-class standard of products like tribal shawls & other varieties of fabrics. Because of such businesses, it becomes vital to obtain Trademark Registration in Manipur to secure their business.

The individual or people seeking the consent of trade symbol for their good or product have to visit Kolkata as there is neither Trademark Office in Manipur nor any Registry Office in Manipur. You don't need to visit Kolkata Office for Trademark Registration; you can apply for Trademark Registration in Manipur online at your home by contacting us. Our team of experts will help you in obtaining Trademark Registration in Manipur. Our services include Trademark Search, filing of the application, Prosecution, renewal, etc.

Who can apply for Trademark Registration in Manipur?

Trademark Registration is broadly or extensively used to safeguard brands or words that are distinct to an individual or entity. Trademark Registration in Manipur can be obtained by businesses or individuals. However, each of the various classes of individuals/persons or entities has different requirements while filing a Trademark application. Following is the list of entities applying for Trademark Registration in Manipur:

  1. Proprietorship Firm: In this case, filing a Trademark application, the complete name of the proprietor should be mentioned or described in the Trademark application. A proprietorship name/business name is not acceptable as the individual's name because a business or proprietorship name is more in the type or nature of an alias for the actual individual, and proprietorship firms are not separate legal entities. But, if a proprietorship name or business name is comprised on the application in addition to the name of an individual applicant.
  2. LLP (Limited Liability Partnership): In this case, filing an application for Trademark Registration should be made in the name of LLP. A Limited Liability Partnership is an incorporated body that has its identity. Thus, the partner by itself cannot be the candidate or applicant, wherein the Trademark should belong to a Limited Liability Partnership.
  3. Joint Owners: In case two individuals or people come together and decide to file an application for Trademark Registration, then the names of both individuals should be mentioned on the Trademark application.
  4. An Individual or a Person: An individual not doing any business can also file a Trademark application and attain Trademark Registration for a word, logo, or symbol that is proposed to be used by them in the future.
  5. Partnership Firm: In this case, the name of all partners should be mentioned in the Trademark application filed by a partnership firm. Partnership Firms are not deemed or considered as separate legal entities, and therefore, the names of all the partners should be mentioned.
  6. Indian Company: Any Private Limited Company or One Person Company can file an application for Trademark Registration in Manipur, and it should make in the name of the company.
  7. Foreign Company: Any Foreign Company can also file for Trademark Registration, and it should be made in its corporate name, as registered under the foreign nation. The nature of registration, country of incorporation & the law under which the company is registered must be mentioned.

Importance of Trademark Registration

  1. Valuable Asset: A registered Trademark may be a valuable asset for your company or business. This asset keeps on appreciating over time. As your company or business grows, the value of the Trademark also grows automatically.
  2. Provides Distinctiveness to Brand: A brand is distinctive and different must be registered as every company or business requires a brand or logo that stands out, which distinguishes your brand from that of others. Therefore, a registered Trademark gives a distinctive identity to your brand.
  3. Easy for Customers to Recognise: A registered Trademark makes it easy for customers to recognise the product. As it's a vital tool & unique in its identity, the Trademarks that are registered can be easily noticeable, and customers may reach your product easily.
  4. Protection to your brand: A registered Trademark establishes ownership over the brand, name, or symbol. It safeguards your brand from any illegal use by a 3rd The registered Trademark proves that the product totally belongs to you & you have the right to sell, change, and use the brand in whichever way you want.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration in Manipur

Following are some vita documents required for Trademark Registration in Manipur:

  • Vital Documents for Proprietorship Firm:
  1. Aadhaar Card of the applicant;
  2. Address Proof of the applicant;
  3. Logo, Word, mark, or Company Name;
  4. Signature of the Applicant;
  5. Signed Power of Attorney (POA);
  6. Signed Form TM-48.
  • Vital Documents for LLP or Limited Liability Partnership:
  1. LLP Incorporation Certificate;
  2. LLP Agreement;
  3. Logo, Word, mark, or Company Name;
  4. Udyam or MSME Registration certificate;
  5. Identity & Address Proof of the Signatory;
  6. Signed Power of Attorney (POA);
  7. Signed Form TM-48.
  • Vital Documents for Partnership Firm:
  1. Partnership Deed;
  2. Logo, Word, mark, or Company Name;
  3. Udyam or MSME Registration Certificate;
  4. Signature of the Partner;
  5. Identity & Address Proof of the Signatory;
  6. Signed Power of Attorney (POA);
  7. Signed Form TM-48.
  • Vital Documents for Private Limited Company:
  1. Incorporation Certificate;
  2. Logo, Word, mark, or Company Name;
  3. Udyam or MSME Registration Certificate;
  4. Identity & Address Proof of the Signatory;
  5. Signed Power of Attorney (POA);
  6. Signed Form TM-48.
  • Vital Documents for Trust or Society:
  1. Name & Address of Society or Trust;
  2. Registration Certificate;
  3. Logo, Word, mark, or Company Name;
  4. Identity & address proof of the signatory;
  5. Signed Power of Attorney (POA);
  6. Signed Form TM-48.

Online Procedure for Trademark Registration in Manipur

Following is the online procedure for Trademark Registration in Manipur:

Step 1: Trademark Selection: Before applying for Trademark Registration, it is necessary to choose the correct classification in classes.

Step 2: Trademark Search: An analysis of the brand name & logo to check such the Trademark is already registered or not under someone else name.

Step 3: Filing of Trademark Application: Once you file the Trademark application online and it gets approved, you will get an acknowledgement, and you are eligible to use the TM Symbol beside the brand name. The Trademark Registrar will check the brand name and check if there is any dispute amongst any present or pending brands for Trademark Registration.

Step 4: Trademark Publication: The Trademark Registrar will publish the Trademark online in the Trademark Journal; if there is no opposition or objection is received within 3 months, in some cases from the publication date, and then it proceeds towards the acceptance.

In case the application is rejected, then the Trademark owner can go for a hearing, where the officer can be assured with the given documents, then the Trademark application will be passed, and if the application is rejected again, the IPAB can be contacted.

Step 5: Issuance of Registration Certificate: Once the Trademark Registrar accepts the application, after no opposition is received, then the Trademark Registrar will issue the Trademark Registration Certificate along with the Trademark Registry seal.

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